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Doctor Octoroc

Doctor Octoroc is not a certified Doctor, Physician, M.D., Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Basketball Player. The use of the pronoun Doctor in the name “Doctor Octoroc” is strictly for cosmetic, comedic, ironic and various other pop-culture-referencing purposes classified using words ending in “ic”. Doctor Octoroc is hereto void of any obligations relating to or resulting from misuse of this name and is therefore not to be held responsible for any illness, accident, injury or death resulting, either directly or indirectly, from failure to realize the aforementioned facts. Doctor Octoroc is a stage name, not a birth name, but is still protected under copyright laws, as neither the word “Doctor” nor “Octoroc” nor the combination of the two is or are officially owned by any one person or group of persons. The closest similarity is “Octorock”, being an enemy from a series of video games in the Legend of Zelda series, as conceived, created, produced, published and masterfully marketed by Nintendo. The suffix “Octoroc” is related to this enemy by no more than 20% of its entirety, the following percentages, being eighty (80), having more than less to do with the following:

The number eight (OCTO), as it relates to the number of “bit” measurements of all games developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System
The number eighty-eight (OCTO), as it relates to the number of keys on a full-sized piano
The word “rock” (ROC), as it relates to the common style of music that Doctor Octoroc plays on piano
The word “rock” (ROC), as it relates to the fact that Doctor Octoroc rocks, rules and pwns all

Doctor Octoroc is a stage name and textural avatar for the person named Levi Buffum, as associated with all of his efforts to communicate with the outside world, more specifically on topics related to, but not limited to: Art, Music, Computers, Internet, Social Commentary, Design, Illustration, Animation, Interactive Web Applications, Video Games and all previous items included in this list as they relate to Video Games.