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Born on September 15 in New York City, son of a famous 80’s Merengue artist and hard working mother, since childhood demonstrated his natural talent and ability for the musical arts. Banging on pots and pans and using anything available to create sound, this was his passion. Starting at the ripe age of 11 years old I was involved in a group (Grupo Kolao) which was ran by the pianist of Roka Banda ( a popular merengue group in the 80’s n 90’s) in which 2 songs of what I like to call the beginning of the urban merengue genre. The sound was a ruff mix of traditional merengue melodies with a more hip hop approach on the lyrics. The group consisted of 3 other vocalist and I. Our main song was sung by me as the main vocalist. The group was short lived as the other members didn’t have the same motivation I did. Later on at 16, I was introduced by a high school friend to another project group forming up. This group was independently ran and funded by its members. We were Kchimbo consisting of 3 vocalists and myself. We were able to record 1 song produced by Edwin Acosta named “El Chocolate” due to financial difficulties in finishing a demo the group split up. In which was the age where I made it a priority in cutting the very expensive recording and production cost and started learning how to produce and engineer in the logic program. This is also around the time where I started collaborating on hip hop with a childhood friend. In 2006 we formed DNA Produkshunz and moved to Miami in order to be able to attend SAE (Audio Engineering School) and for me to be able to obtain my degree in Audio Engineering. In this year I focused strongly on the Reggeaton and Hip Hop genre producing our own beats and creating songs as the Duo DNA. During 2007 we recorded a few songs which can be found on In the period of 2008/2009 we both moved back to NY and there was a few complications which held me back from working. At the end of 2009 I decided to move to Miami once again and focused mainly on the new sound of the merengue urbano genre and started producing on logic. Focusing mostly on a solo artistic career in early 2010 I began compiling a mixtape of remixes changing top song into remixes of merengue urbano and throughout the year developing my skill to specialize in the merengue urbano genre. By 2011 the songs I had for a mixtape were already outdated and began to focus on gathering funds to open a studio for quality and business purposes. By June I had received an opportunity to realize this goal and began constructing DNA Studios which opened up late July. This was a very crucial time in my life where I began receiving many opportunities and realizing that the company and partnership I had created was not working. Due to not coming into a fair agreement we decided to break apart DNA as a company, group, and team. Unfortunately, the warehouse I based the studio from was lost by the owner and all the money and time put in was lost in August, 2011. This is when I decided to put all the focus time and investments to my own career and first album. Opening Dominant Music Entertainment in order to publish and release my recordings, albums, and mixtape. Working on a few occasions in collaboration with producer Dj Blass, Kongreezy, Lelo Y Jazzy, Young Hollywood , Nely el Arma Secreta, Dexter, Edu the music prodigy, DJ IOP and Artist Don Chezina , J King y Maximan, Dylan y Lenny, MC Ceja. Now working on “The Mixtape” and his first album .