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Donald Keesing

Donald Keesing started gigging with D.C. punk band White Zombies in 1982. In 1988 and 1989 he sang and played guitar for Rain Crow. Currently with Dollar Bin and Dogs Among the Bins. An environmental activist, Keesing often plays benefits and rallies.

Donald Keesing- The Aztec Heart Treatment- "The album is a delightfully demented romp through a musical landscape dotted with psychedelia, country, punk, folk, 60's garage, slippery saxophone and the-sound-of-things-falling-apart grooves. Keesing's smoky baritone provides the narrative focus while a cast of thousands- including Honeypole's Norman van der Sluys and the Black Cat's Bernie Wandel- provides the backdrop. The texture is dense yet atmospheric; think of the Kingdom of Leisure meets However. "The Aztec Heart Treatment" definately stands up to repeat listenings- just when you think Keesing has done it all, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat. This one's a winner." - Marcus Esposito, Snap Pop, June 2000

"Where popular music tends to paint with broad strokes, folk and punk cut right to the heart of the issue. From Yucca Mountain to School of the Americas to the power line they want to push through you backyard, the song of dissent is a needed wake up call to the people affected most. Pat Humphries and Sandy O., Tom Neilson, Donald Keesing, Ani DiFranco, Sarah Thomsen and Dar Williams are all progressive artists unafraid to play at benefit concerts, actions or marches.. Nukewatch Pathfinder -Paul Vos Benkowski Summer 2006

"Donald Keesing produced The Aztec Heat Treatment in 2000, but I just learned about it a couple weeks ago. Despite Keesing's presence in the Washington DC punk community for more than twenty years, his CD remained a mystery until recently. I don't know how this came to be, but I think I'd have formed a drastically kinder view of pop music had I heard this when he first recorded these songs.

I have long harbored disdain for pop music, dismissing it as the sad country cousin to real rock. Some things snared my esteem like the Police, the Cars, and the Knack, but for me, the best practitioner of Pop has always been a tie between Bowie and the Kinks. I don't think it any stretch to include Donald Keesing in this august company; his lyrics, his able fusion of humor and melancholy, and the capacity to write catchy tunes which stick in my head hours after hearing them all embody what I wish Pop music would do, instead of following trite and marketable formulas.

Certainly, nobody would mistake "I've hardened my heart (and I don't love you)" or "She only laughs when I'm Hurt" for radio-friendly pablum. No less memorable, "You Are Aphrodite" skitters along with an infectious, but truly off-beat riff, while "You Have Been Deceived" holds its own against the disturbing gems near the end of "Something Else by The Kinks." Listening to The Aztec Heart Treatment, I found myself wondering what people would do if exposed en masse to this disc -- embrace it, miss the point, or co-opt the least memorable track as the hit single. It's hard to say, and harder to stomach, but I wish the opportunity would arise -- we need a disruptive influence in our pop music."- Peter Burris