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These are grooves you can reach out and touch. Palpable atmosphere and hooks you can’t run away from (even if you wanted to) are hallmarks of Donelo’s captivating reggae. His songwriting and performance styles are distinct and instantly recognizable. Real power and passion infuse the grooves when Donelo is providing the music.
According to Donelo, music imbues him with angelic feelings. Which isn’t to be interpreted as feelings of superiority. Anything but. What Donelo means is that music leaves his soul feeling cleansed. “It really takes away all of my stress,” says Donelo. It’s a sentiment he shares with his fans, who find catchy, groove-laden escape from everyday troubles for a while whenever Donelo’s music is overtaking their minds.
A Creator
Donelo focuses on bringing his own unique interpretation of reggae to the ears of audiences. “I’m bringing a new sound to the industry,” he says, “stuff you’ve never heard.” Donelo’s creativity shines through on his reggae songs, wowing the listener with cutting edge ideas rooted in this world music tradition.
The Artist at Work
Donelo has been bestowed with best performance honors during his career and plays frequently. He’s a furious writer – not angry but intense – and once he’s on a roll, it’s a blazing creative process from the writing to the recording of a song. He recently released a new album, “MandeMan” " GoGo" and the new Mixtape will be release n May 2010- " Nou Pa Pe/Mache Sou Yo" and is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.“Donelo’s songs contain their own special spark, distinguishing him from the pack.” – A&R Select.