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Dos Locos Feat. Aaron

Dos Locos, the personification of up rise, and the strength gained from struggle. Dos Locos is a group made up of two siblings that go by the names of Joka Boy and Mr. E. The name Dos Locos means “two crazies”, and they hail from New Orleans, La. They reside on the Westbank of the Mississippi River. Dos Locos came together in 2001, and often went by the name Westbank Hardcore (WBHC). WBHC was made up of Dos Locos and Psycho Gringo. Psycho produced, and recorded the very first Dos Locos tracks. As independent artist Dos Locos are under the label Creeper Entertainment founded by Joka Boy in 2004. Creeper encompasses music production, video production, mixing and mastering, promotion, marketing, booking, art, and graphics. Dos Locos does everything for themselves, and by themselves. Until signed to a major label I guess you just have pay dues right? Good thing hard work always pays off. In 2006, Dos Locos expanded their horizon further with new group members. The new embodiment, spawned from WBHC, was called Westbank Krewe (WBK). WBK represented everyone in the Westbank area that came out to the shows, and was part of the movement. Anybody down with Creeper Entertainment and Dos Locos is Westbank Krewe. So what kind of music is Dos Locos? It is a combination of rap and punk rock. You could call it punk rap, but for a clearer understanding they favor underground groups such as Cypress Hill, Kottonmouth Kings, Insane Clown Posse, and Twiztid. Though highly influenced by their predecessors the group still conveys a unique, original style that is coming completely from the left. A phrase often chanted at every show is “Underground Frontline”, which means they are here to strengthen the movement, and help take it to the next level. Dos Locos is known in venues across New Orleans for their ability to perform high energy shows. A comment made by club owners, and show goers alike is, “Wow, now those guys are entertaining.”