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Double O

"I have never came across a hip hop artist with such a high level of pure talent and none of the egotistical, self centered behavior that often accompanies people with such an incredible gift. Hip Hop heads need not worry because he is all about the preservation of the 'Culture' of hip hop. I did my research on Double O and followed him for the week leading up to his cd release and the main thing he was concerned with was that everyone had a good time at his show. When asked if he was nevous about the turnout his response was, "Not even a little bit. I will be blessed to have the people that do come there and they will let those who didnt know what time it is......" His new album "Good For the Gander" is easily the best album I have heard come out of Omaha and probably the best album I have bought this year (yes, he did make me buy it)! You get a feel for the type of person he is through his music and I think that is probably his main goal. "I want the people that take the time to listen to me to find out what Im really about. Not just what kind of car I drive or what caliber of people pesticide I keep on my waistline. For some reason artist today want to pump a whole bunch of sensless info down our throats. If you are tired of bring violated by the music you fell in love with TURN OFF THE RADIO!" The main focus in his life seems to be his wife, kids, and from what I saw, a very small circle of friends. Maybe the lack of entourage and focus on what is really important is what gives him the ability to transcend emotions through wordplay so easily!