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Douglas King

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Address: 991 Perry Center Road, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin 53572 USA
Phone: 608.832.6455

If there is such a thing as New Age, classical, ambient, acoustic keyboard, then this is it. These albums are live, analog recordings of Doug’s music for solo keyboard and synthesizer. Most are perfect for easy listening. The styles include: classical, jazz, romantic, blues, raga, Celtic, Native American, Indonesian, new age, rock, fugue and psychedelic retro. This music is a classical crossover fusion of Liz Story, George Winston, Michael Hedges, Keith Jarrett and Jean Michel Jarre with Ravi Shankar, Chopin, Mozart, Franz Schubert and Bach.

Relax and enjoy something you have not heard before.

Mindworm Records profits are donated to Hospicecare. If you enjoy these CDs please consider making another purchase or a voluntary donation to support the release of future CDs. Contact:

Dr. Douglas king is a former CEO who served three governors and three university presidents in public service. But early in his life, he was a keyboard performer.

After attending the prestigious Wisconsin conservatory of music, he won awards at juried piano performance competitions attended by thousands of people. He briefly played on television, in clubs and for special events. But he stopped to pursue another career: his passion for the noble social purposes of public service.

He was candidly recorded in hundreds of private keyboard sessions. Those who listened said they never heard anything quite like it before or since. They urged him to share his music. But he remained a reclusive enigma, making only impromptu appearances and he donated his grand piano to a Buddhist healing center.

Then one day hundreds of people heard him play and they requested copies of his recordings. Their enthusiasm coaxed him into finally releasing some CDs. Now a niche audience of thousands of adventurous listeners around the world follows his music.

The tracks are spontaneous moments that were captured live as they happened. The tracks are raw. You are listening to them as they were played at different times in different places on different keyboards - unpolished with nuance, quirky unaccountable effects, miking artifacts and background offering acoustic transients that manifest serendipitous harmonics.

The music is a mesmerizing, collage of eccentric keyboard melodies. They stick in your mind like musical worms. It is an eclectic blend of genres; an unconventional salad of unexpected sounds and styles that defy categories. Like themes from movies not yet made. Art not just entertainment.

People around the world have downloaded 90,000 tracks from 14 albums on iTunes, Google, Amazon and 27 music stores. They have been acquired by public libraries and radio stations in the U.S. and Canada and played in 40 countries. They have been praised in national magazines and played in movies and film festivals. Booking agencies including Danie Cortese Entertainment, Bryan Farrish Promotions and A&R Representatives in London have offered live performance tours in Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Japan and the U.K.

Some songs are relaxed; some are intense. Some are long; some are short. Some are warm; some are atonal. Some are rhythmic; some are halting. Some are familiar; some are odd. But they all have one thing in common:

They are deceptively simple melodies. You will remember how they made you feel.