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Born and raised in SOUTH CENTRAL LOS ANGELES CA on 91ST & SAN PEDRO "DRASTIC" started RAPPING at the age of 13 in the LIVING ROOM MIRROR of his GRAND PARENTS (EVA & JAMES ROBINSON) R.I.P HOUSE Soon after that HIS PARENTS (MOTHER & STEPFATHER) had moved to FORT WORTH TX because of HIS STEPFATHER JOB (GENERAL MOTORS) had TRANSFERRED HIM So they had sent for "DRASTIC" While there HE continued to DEVELOP HIS SKILLS WRITING AND RECORDING ON HIS KARAOKE MACHINE making DEMO TAPES and MAILING THEM BACK TO FAMILY MEMBERS to LISTEN TO BACK IN CALIFORNIA "DRASTIC" who's RAP NAME at THAT TIME was "MC JAY" attended CROWLEY MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL IN TEXAS for 1 YEAR 1/2 Where HE PERFORMED at the TALENT SHOWS and PREP RAWLEY'S with HIS CLASS BAND until HE FINALLY got a CALL from HIS sister (TAMMI) in LONG BEACH CA about a PRODUCER name "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" she had let HEAR a DEMO of HIS (DRASTIC) FIRST SONG HE had RECORDED on HIS KARAOKE MACHINE called "2 MY GANGSTA BEAT" which was RECORDED to the GHETTO BOYS instrumental "STREET LIFE" and the producer (FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL) said he liked HIS VOICE and wanted to WORK with HIM and as HAPPY as if a DREAM came true "DRASTIC" moved to LONG BEACH CA with HIS sister to pursue HIS career as a RECORDING ARTIST attending to WILSON HIGH SCHOOL in LONG BEACH CA for one YEAR where HE then STARTED to work with producer "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" from 4 trax 2 UNLIMITED trax "DRASTIC" favorite ARTIST was "SNOOP DOGGY DOG AKA SNOOP LION" who come to find out went to POLY HIGH SCHOOL in LONG BEACH CA with PRODUCER "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" and MYSTERIOUSLY while leaving on a BUSINESS TRIP producer "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" ended up on the same PLANE with "SNOOP DOGGY DOG AKA SNOOP LION" at the TIME when he had just RELEASED his DEBUT album "DOGGYSTYLE" and thats when producer "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" had gotten an AUTOGRAPHED POSTER from "SNOOP DOGGY DOG" to "LIL MAN" which was "DRASTIC" new NAME since HE had MOVED BACK to CALIFORNIA from TEXAS then AFTER THAT producer "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" was CALLED UP to ENTERPRISE STUDIO in NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA by producer "MOE Z" to HELP him work on a few PROJECTS that he was PRODUCING at the TIME which was 2PACS "THUG LIFE LP" "ME AGAINST THE WORLD LP" and a movie SOUNDTRACK called "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" and that is when producer "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" brought "LIL MAN" (DRASTIC) with him up to ENTERPRISE STUDIO which was "DRASTIC" first TIME ever STEPPING FOOT into a REAL STUDIO and that is when "DRASTIC" met producer "MOE Z" and the group "DRAMACYDAL" better KNOWN as "2PACS OUTLAWZ" for the FIRST time "DRASTIC" then moved BACK to HIS GRAND PARENTS HOUSE on 91ST & SAN PEDRO and CHECKED into LOCKE HIGH SCHOOL in WATTS CA and changed HIS NAME once AGAIN to "BABY BOY" also while attending LOCKE HIGH SCHOOL HE had 2 classes (ENGLISH & MUSIC CLASS) with SINGER/ACTOR "TYRESE" THEIR music TEACHER NAME was MR ANDREWS LOCKE HIGH SCHOOL has a TRACK RECORD of breeding SUPER STARS and "DRASTIC" is ONE of THEM plus a STRONG BELIEVER that NOTHING HAPPENS by MISTAKE and that ALL THINGS HAPPEN for a REASON one YEAR later 2PAC was released from JAIL on BAIL by SUGE KNIGHT & SIGNED to DEATH ROW RECORDS where he then started SHOOTING VIDEOS for his HIT SINGLES "CALIFORNIA LOVE" "GANGSTA PARTY" "HOW DO U WANT IT" "I AINT MAD ATCHA" and "HIT'EM UP" which "DRASTIC" was PRESENT on those sets INVITED by FRIENDS from "LOOK HEAR PRODUCTION" (GOBI & TRACY ROBINSON) which was the actual FILM COMPANY that SHOT those VIDEOS and SEVERAL other artist VIDEOS such as "ICE CUBE" "WC" "MACK 10" "KAY DEE" and more which "DRASTIC" was PRESENT also on those SHOOTS as well and AROUND that TIME is when HE actually CHANGED HIS NAME to "DRASTIC" from that POINT on "DRASTIC" knew HE WAS CHOSEN and NEVER LOOKED BACK then after 2PAC'S death "DRASTIC" moved to RENO NV with HIS STEPFATHER and attended EARL WOOSTER HIGH SCHOOL for a YEAR until HE reunited with HIS biological FATHER and moved BACK TO CALIFORNIA and GRADUATED from CHATSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL after that "DRASTIC" linked BACK UP with producer "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" since HE was now OUT OF SCHOOL which is when HE recorded HIS SONG called "THA RAP GAME IS MINE" at SLICE STUDIO in LONG BEACH CA produced by "FUNKY DRUMMER AKA LETHAL" and later MIXED at ARTIST/ACTOR "ICE T" HOUSE in THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS SUNSET PLAZA by engineer "JUNIOR" introduced to "DRASTIC" by artist "GRIP" not really having ANYWHERE to go LIVING LIFE on HIS own "DRASTIC" ran into ARTIST/ACTOR "CJ MAC" at the FOX HILL MALL in CULVER CITY CA and "CJ MAC" took "DRASTIC" in with his FAMILY and signed "DRASTIC" sometimes called "DRASTICOS" to "AFFILIATED RECORDS" until "DRASTIC" finally linked BACK UP with HIS BIOLOGICAL father and FORMED a LABEL called "KHALIFA RECORDS" and released HIS debut ALBUM called "DRASTIC MEASURES" on 9-11-2001 when the planes CRASHED into THE WORLD TRADE CENTER and as TIME passed by HE started to HEAR that it was ARTIST in EVERY STATE just ABOUT trying to use the name DRASTIC so HE finally changed HIS NAME to "DRASTIC KHALIFA" releasing PROJECTS called "ATTACKIN THA MEDIA" "REALITY" "GOIN PUBLIC" (WHICH DRASTIC KHALIFA HAS CHANGED THE NAME GOIN PUBLIC TO CONTROVERSY SALES) "BRANG'N BACK THA WEST MIXTAPE VOL 1 hosted by DJ SPINZ" "CONTROVERSY SALES" from which the HIT single "IN LUV WIT CALI" ft WC P SMURF & BUTCH CASSIDY is FROM OFF OF to now LOOKIN for DISTRIBUTION for HIS UP & COMING album called "FOLLOW NO MAN" which is IN THE MAKING and WILL not have ANY FEATURES ON IT plus you can EXPECT a DRASTIC CHANGE in the direction HE is TAKING the SOUND of HIS MUSIC IN also WORKING on a GROUP PROJECT with some DAY ONE FRIENDS of his "DRASTIC KHALIFA" is all over the place WORKING VERY HARD staying DEDICATED to HIS CRAFT so STAY TUNED to DRASTICKHALIFA.COM for UPDATES !