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Dy-Verse Va's Baby Boy

Dy-Verse VP at D.U.C/IBMG (I BELIEVE MEDIA GROUP) Artist/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer with his long time friend and business partner Fortune created the group "The Dyfor Boyz" managed by Dat Urban Connect (Greg Wood AKA Dunes) along side Independent personal manager Carlton Wright with group Agent Dj Joe CatDaddy from WKYS 93.9 FM in Washington DC, spent a great deal of his younger years in the Baltimore, Maryland area before receiving a great opportunity to move to Wiesbaden, Germany. At the age of fourteen Dy-Verse decided to develop his own group called Triple Threat. In 1993, Dy-Verse joined his high school band as Lead Drummer. Mr. Micheal Stokes (Producer for Patti label and Big Daddy Kane) recognized the talent within Dy-Verse (Known as B-Naughty) back then and encouraged him to perform at various high school events.Leaving Germany in the late year of 1994, Putting his music on hold for the rest of his last two years in high school he never involved himself in anything dealing with rapping because his parents was more worried about his grades in school.even if it was just a sypher in the lunch room he felt like he had nothing to prove to anyone so he didnt bother with it.In 1998 Dy-verse at that time working at Jiffy Lub met a guy named Charles Egypt.Bouncing from home to home and being in and out of his parents life Dy-verse moved into a homeless shelter instead of going on the streets and hustling, after telling his parents that he didnt want to go into the military. At that time Charles nick name Egypt came up with the group Egyptian Doggs where his name at that time was (P.H.A.R.O) mean Preparing Higher Achievements Reaching Others, Performed at local showcases throughout VA. being a part of Vicious Thoughts gave Dy-Verse exposure to working with a major label like (Ruff Riders) and (Def Row Underground). The group never released an album and separated. In 2003 after taking some time away from the music industry, Now known as (Komplex) he came up with that name because of his life struggles,decided to come back and try entering the industry as an independent Rap Artist / Producer. He came back refreshed and focused! After only having that name for about 3 months he ran into a friend that broke down the meaning of the word and told him "you know that diversity has complicity in it" so he said to his self "Dy-verse I like that" Reacquainting with Indie Labels such names as Round Tree Entertainment, Target Squad Records, B.M.E. Entertainment and Ajani Records, Dy-Verse reestablished his position as a great producer. Producing for such artist coming up in the game such as Ace Primo (Dark Child Records) In 2010 with a song called Designer Girl and In 2011 produced R.Noble from The Joneses/Drifters in 2011 with a single called "Hey Girl.Signing with Xrecords/Malaco Music Group In 2009 not as an Artist but as a Label Getting a Major Pressing and Distribution deal He have also produced for independent companies such as "Target Squad",MidiEast out of Washington,DC,Money Gang Malitia out of Virginia,Hard Head Records out of Cali,and Independent/Major artist From XRecords/Malaco Music Group "Fese" out of PA.Dy-verse still continues to make his mark in the music industry as of today...