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Eldar is a word of the Iberian language, a language of the Iberian about 2,500 years ago, but going back to the past of the megalithic culture. Eldar in this language means "Epidemic". Their message is dualistic, is the confrontation of opposites, laden with symbolism.
Eldar began as a solo project of Marc in 2004, were initially different compositions that came up in time, under the same style and concept, but in his home were not created for any specific project, they were experimenting with musical experiences the Avantgarde and the environment. There came a time when everything would take form under the name Eldar, and give it body, mind and a way of being that has evolved to this day, at which time with Merce compose and create all the elements form our current project.

Both members of Eldar came from previous projects that have disappeared over time, these are: Vettius Valens (Merce 1997/2000) sound very ritual and Dying Person (Marc 1992/1996) experimental cutting. We both agreed Belaur (2001/2004) who along with two components create a far more electronic. Eldar appear in 2004 with a split along Belaur “Blood Temple”, after this came in the three Demo albums “Askataan" dedicated to the relationship between nature and man, "Cautio Criminalis" further defined this way, creating environments asphyxiating the individual who believe in a fit mental state to be able to download the information in your mind Eldar who tries to convey, and "Adaegina" Iberan ancient goddess, dedicated to the Spanish Civil War, a time of cultural and political explosion, a cultural bathed in golden era blood and suffering, all expressed in sounds that surround these concepts and feelings. All this works published in its original version by Protea Records 2005/06/07 and in 2007 re-edited different version of this demos by Black Montanas, label created by former members of The Soil Bleeds Black. In late 2007 sporadically Marc is part of the band Equimanthorn in the creation of a new album of the band. Two of the songs composed for this project will be part of the first double album released in Skull Line "Ama Terasu" and "Solve Et Coagula" 2008. In the first collect what had been our history to date with new songs, simultaneously editing the second part "Solve Et Coagula" in Skull Line also edited the entire collection with new songs. These two albums provide a turn toward the Martial retaining the essence of Dark Ambient, are dedicated to the philosophy in its purest form, and the effects of this on society.
In early 2009 decided to create the album "Sapere Aude" with a group of friends from bands and Latin American Spanish scene, trying to create an album in the ideal of a scene together and relied on set. Was to create an album with the sound of Eldar but created alongside the other bands. In some cases created entirely new songs together, others were completely rebuilt, other songs were drawn to the sound of Eldar, and in other cases is original version songs by other bands remixing and adding some more instruments to fit the sound of Eldar. The result was an album of Eldar which showed the work together and for a group of friends bands in 2008.

In late 2009 and have prepared all new editions for 2010 in CMI and Caustic Records but Eldar wants to maintain its good relationship with the record company Skull Line, and decides to re-edit your first 3 demos "Askat aan"," Cautio Criminalis" and "Adaegina" (2005/06/07) with a new mastering and adding many unreleased songs to each album.