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Earl Wayne

From as far back as he can remember, Earl Wayne has had music in his heart and a smile on his face. As a small child his Grandmother would share her love for music with him, by letting him play her stack of vinyl records, while singing at the top of his lungs. Of course this later got him into trouble when he would unconsciously begin singing in class while concentrating on his schoolwork. His teacher would tell him that he must learn to sing in his head and not in class. Though he learned to be quiet in school, he never lost his love for music.

Inspired not only by his Grandmother, but also the great artist of the time, especially Ray Stevens and later on Weird Al Yankovic, whenever he hears a song that he likes, it isn't long before he hears his own set of funny lyrics within that song. That's why even though Earl Wayne does write and perform many main stream songs, his passion centers around parodies.

But that's not where it ends. Earl Wayne is a multi talented writer. He turns this love and talent for writing not only into great songs, but also children's short stories.

Originally written for his Grandchildren, it wasn't long before it became apparent that The Secret Forest was enjoyed and appreciated by all who heard them, young and old alike. So Earl Wayne decided to offer them to the world. And with their ever increasing popularity, The Secret Forest has earned him a place in the history books as well as the children's section.

The Secret Forest is currently only available as Spoken Word Albums/Audio Books. The drive to perform that is found in Earl Wayne will not let him write just simple stories for print, and The Secret Forest are not just any audio books either. They are fully dramatized and performed adventures. Full of sound effects and different voices for each character. They're not only funny, adventurous, and entertaining, they teach simple lessons in a subtle way. Such as saying sir and mam and being respectful to others.

Earl Wayne writes The Secret Forest and performs many of the major roles along with his wife Linda and their son Picard whom narrates all of his dad's stories.

So if you could use a skip in your step, a whistle on your lips, and a smile on your face, check out Earl Wayne's songs. And if you get an extra 20 minutes or so for some good clean fun, be sure to drop by the forest.