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EarthTribe 1.1

Prior to this project EarthTribe 1.1 had never played together before - in fact, we're not really a group and some of us met for the first time to record this album - 11:11 Wake Up & Remember. The music is truly a miracle! We did not know the music until it was played and each song was recorded only once. The inspiration and energy of each song was the Sacred Art for that specific frequency. The art was displayed and each individual interpreted the Sacred Geometry into music. The results are amazing!

*Sharon Price finesses the beautiful healing songs of her large family of crystal singing bowls.
*Kitty Cantrell channels an Aboriginal essence through her didgeridoos
*Pablo Ledesma - an amazing musician - adds EBTKS (Everything but the kitchen sink!) from didgeridoo to gong to HAPI drums and percussion
*Guenther Krammer is our Drummer Extraordinaire
*Peter Andrew flows Angelic sounds from silver flute and dulcimer
*Mark Austin adds insightful vocals and drumming to the mix
*Lisa Mintz Kavas shares voice channeling from great depths and higher dimensions

Our first album is a manifestation of Spirit! In late October, Sharon Price was flying back from Guam and heard very clearly "Create Music! Produce a music video! Call your friends! It is important for ALL!" Never wanting to get into the "music business," she declined. The message continued throughout the long 7 hour flight from Guam to Honolulu and again on the 5 hour flight from Honolulu to San Diego. "You will be fully supported! The message is important! Create the music for the messages! The 11:11 Frequency is NEEDED! It is important!!" (The messages come in the form of the Sacred Geometry pieces that Sharon has been channeling for several years now). After getting home, Sharon accepted the request from Spirit, found a studio and called a few of her friends who play instruments. Everyone just showed up at the studio on 11-11-10 not knowing what to expect. Even Sharon did not know what to expect. "Just have faith and play!" That was the message to all. And so we did. We looked at each piece of Sacred Geometry individually and each of us played what came through in that moment. The cohesiveness and harmony that came through was amazing! At the end of each piece we would all look at each other astounded and in awe at the music we were creating.

After the one recording session, Sharon got to work turning each of the Sacred Geometry pieces into a full motion videos. After all the videos were done and the music mixed and mastered a new level of magic was revealed. Not having any of the final soundtracks available while creating each video, Sharon thought that there would have to be quite a bit of editing done to match the each piece of music to its video. Because the message of the music was recorded specifically for each piece of Sacred Art, the music could not be matched to a different piece of art in its video form. But to everyone's great surprise, each piece of music matched its video perfectly. "When I added the final soundtrack to the first video and hit play, as I watched I just started crying. It could not have been a more perfect piece of music for the video, the timing was even perfect! Once again I was reminded that I am not creating this - this is Spirit creating through me. It's the only way this could have been so perfect!" (Sharon) Again and again, for each video the music was a perfect match even down to the timing.

So now we are EarthTribe 1.1 and we are still on this unfolding journey of awe and wonder - traveling this path in faith - waiting to see what Spirit has in store for us next! It is a beautiful and powerful ride - we hope you'll join us and become part of our Earth Tribe!

One Heart. One Voice. We Are ALL One!