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Ebner is Brian Kruse, Brian is the guy behind the band SO SADLY FUCKED and these songs were made with a 4-track in the early 90's. In his youth, Brian was terrified of being homeless and of nulcear war. Brian lost his virginity at 13 and immediately started writting songs. These are the songs that never made it to a band...

4-Track Fuck Fever is a state of mind-recording technique where you give your entire conciousness to the music. Much like a trance, 4-Track Fuck Fever washes over your body and soul when you have completely immersed yourself in your recording. Sometimes a few beers or a bonghit can help as well... But truly, you must feel the tape rolling, hear the scratch of the worn heads and make your fevered tracks into audio reality. Side effects include: a damaging fever, loss of respect from musical peers, negativity in the kitchen, positive results in the bedroom, sticky palms, tapes with taped edges & cats.

This recording technique has been used by other artists such as: New DQT, The Talking Grapefruit and The Fruit Salad Krew, So Sadly Fucked, Twisted Sister and Neil Diamond.

Only you can determine why this was ever released...

Only you can undertand the power of "the Fever"...

Only you have read this far! So please enjoy a free download for your efforts. The Rubber Ducky Trilogy is for you.

A note from Ebner:

"These songs suck!
What was I thinking...
Oh my God.
What was I thinking..."
- Ebner - June 22nd, 2010