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Although formed by the piano trio focusing on Takeshi Shimizu in 1992, it became the quintet which added a trumpet and sax in October, 1992. Moreover, a band name is changed into E.D.F. (Earth Defence Force) after this -- they declared theirself the alleged name "new music jazz", performe only original music and the original view of the world.

E.D.F. is performing live activity periodically and energetically centering on Osaka(Japan) since formation, and became 20 years in 2012.

E.D.F. release 4 CD albums. "E.D.F. / E.D.F." as first album released in 2001, "Salvation by faith" as second album released in 2006, "Live at KOZAGAWA" as third album released in 2008 which recorded on live performing at Kozagawa-cho, Wakayama pref., Japan, and "Sea Of Clouds" as 4th album released in 2012. All songs of these albums are composed by Takeshi SHIMIZU.

E.D.F. are
Takeshi SHIMIZU (piano, compose), Youichi TANAKA (trumpet), Tsutomu TAKEI (saxes), Satoshi NISIKAWA (bass), Jin MITSUDA (drums)