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Abet Publishing Edwin Rivera

Edwin Rivera

In the world of dance and music Edwin Rivera has become a name to remember. This inspirational young man is a role model for young people about overcoming adversity, remembering your roots, and escaping the chains of where you were born. Using his life as an example he is showing the world how strength, hard work, and determination can lead you to your dreams.

Edwin Rivera grew up in the Bronx, New York. He grew up in a house in love with salsa music. Rivera is of Puerto Rican descent and was well schooled by his parents in their culture, food, dance and music. As he aged he tried to get away from his Puerto Rican roots and fell into the wrong crowd. As his mother saw the path he was headed down she forced him into a salsa dancing class in order to get him to change his ways. His mother made the right decision.

Dance was a way for Rivera to express himself and rise above the drugs and gangs that he had become a part of as a young man. It was in the dance studio that Rivera met his dance instructor and future mentor and inspiration, David Melendez. Rivera used dance to come back into touch with his roots. He learned to love salsa music again after discovering a new band and then looking for groups with a similar sound.

Rivera ended up using the music and dance to inspire himself to become one of the top Latino choreographers and performers of today. He has achieved great success, traveling and performing all around the world. Through all of this time he was still collecting music but lost all of it when one day his laptop was stolen at an event. It was at this time that he decided to turn to making his own music.

As his musical talent developed, he kept producing more and more music and eventually was able to finish and publish an album that was released in 2009 by Abet Publishing. This independent Latin artist’s instrumental album is an amazing compilation of music that will make you want to get up and dance.

Edwin Rivera’s album ‘Soul of a Dancer’ is just one of his amazing accomplishments. He has danced and performed all over the world, has performed on television, in movies, and in a music videos. Rivera is an inspiration for young people, especially young Latino performers.