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Ekendra Dasa

Looking for some Alternative Theistic Philosophical Rockabilly? Perhaps some Existential Grunge-y Tonk? Hare Krishna Hick-Hop? Well here you are.

Ekendra dasa began his life as a fat infant (with an entirely different name) and in due course of time grew into a skinny teen keen on garage rock and impractical jokes. (Coincidentally?) he was born two days after the Beatles' last concert tour appearance, and exactly one year after His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada left Bombay for New York to start the Hare Krishna movement.

His early appearances on such forgettable cable shows as The Fakes and Fon served only to antagonize his peers and kill precious air time. His ability to play musical instruments would similarly infuriate his friends, since his M.O. was to learn whatever instrument they played—in whatever band they were in—and then take their place.

After a halfhearted career in theater—much of it spent sporting a full beard and cavorting in tights while mumbling improvisational Elizabethan dialect at Renaissance Fairs—ED stumbled upon a copy of the Bhagavad-gita while housesitting for a bandmate in Chicago. Upon reading this cover to cover, he decided this was it. He moved into the nearest Hare Krishna temple and donated his costume collection to Goodwill and his hair collection to Ill Will.

Then, following a year of meager success attempting to live as a monastic, proselytizing type, he again got busy weaseling his way into Loud Rock Groups. This time as drummer for newly-formed celibate monk straightedge hardcore proselytizing Krishna combos Shelter and 108, with whom he recorded and toured the world for four years.

Unable to tolerate such a steady, wholesome life, he started his own concept project band "Ekendra dasa and the Planet Cow Orchestra," and set about carving a niche in the Sensitive Singer Songwriter Scene. His CDs since then have earned critical success but have yet to break into the Billboard Hot 1,000,000,000.