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Chad and Kenny are the first artist signed under the new Fur Roach Music label. Chad describes his music as:

From the mind of a mad man that lives in a psychedelic perma trip, two projects are born, element 66 and LooNurGooSe. Both projects push the boundaries of a new sonic reality that will tickle the mind and bend the listener’s perception to his own distorted reality.
First, lets break into the world of element 66. People generally want to have comparisons to other music that is familiar to them. This familiarity allows the listener opportunity to compare musical dynamics to something that they are accustomed to listening too.
The people have spoken! Most listeners agree that the unique sound of element 66 is a DNA, genetic hybrid, of the psychedelic vibe of Pink Floyd cross-pollinated with a modern alternative rock sound similar to Linkin Park or Korn.
The technically sophisticated bass playing has a style that feels very inspired by Les Claypool. One gets the sense that the up front and in your face bass is the foundation of the song writing. The song “Denial” has such a tweaked out modulation effect that you’ll forget that you’re listening to low-end frequencies during the opening of the song.
The quantum physic, new age, lyrical content makes you think a scientist wrote the words to the song “god Particle.”
For those who are familiar with the philosophy and the writings of Eckhart Tolle’ you will traverse deep into the words of the song named after him, “Eckhart Tolle.’” The philosophy that everything that happens was meant to happen – “there are no random events” – is completely inspired by his writings.
The song, “Buried...In The LOL (Land Of Liars),” has a huge musical voice that feels like it belongs in the closing song of a horror movie’s credits. It has a feel that it could have been inspired by Tool.
To find a classical piece of music sitting amongst these songs is strange to say the least. However, never letting boundaries dictate creativity, element 66 found room to comfortably fit, “Fur Elise...The Cartoon.”
All in all, Drukis Blah, the first album released by element 66 is an amazingly well put together independent release with 14 emotionally stirring songs that go deep into the musical mind of a Mad Man.