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My highest intention is to write music that connects with your heart and soul. This music has been inspired to assist in your healing and the healing of this planet. Music is the simplest form of healing. It vibrates and resonates with our bodies. With this music, all that is needed is for us to listen and feel.

As a musician of 20 yrs I have been playing in various outfits from Latin Bands to 60/40 groups. I was classically trained as a guitarist.

I currently play as a solo Instrumental Latin guitarist and have a Roving Mexican Trio act and we are called The Three Amigos. So this fun act, allows to bring out my silly side and have lots of fun in the meantime.

I have been composing for 20 years in various genres. The past 10 yrs have been exploring the different cultures and sounds of music with the intention of evoking physical and emotional reactions to the body. So my focus and purpose is writing music for ones healing and healing of their hearts be it an adult or a child.

As part of my daily training is that I listen to lots of varied music but my favorite genre is classical, film and relaxation music. I get a good sense of technicality with classical music


For me, music speaks a universal language. One that we all can resonate and connect with on some level. Music evokes feelings of Inspiration, Happiness, Grief, Sadness, Relaxation, Joy and promotes healing. To me this is what music is all about. Evoking an emotion and stimulating the body and in effect healing.


The best way to describe my music is by sharing what other people have experienced and felt. But for me my music evokes healing and love.


***The best way I can describe Elio is that he is a composer of music that is Divinely inspired. I listened to this track "LOVE" for the first time recently after a long and tiring day, and as I did, something magical and unexpected happened. The tiredness and tension of the day just melted away. My breath deepened, my body softened, thoughts drifted away and my heart opened…

***“When I first played the ‘Child’s Play’ CD to my 8yo twin autistic sons they were instantly mesmorised by the Dreamtime track. It didn’t take long for them to be calmed, settling for bed time. They love the CD so much they make regular requests for me to play it.
The CD has helped them with their sleep routine which has been a constant struggle since birth. As a parent, I also find the CD to be both relaxing and calming and enjoy listening to it as I lay next to my sons while they go to sleep. I highly recommend Elio’s ‘Child’s Play’ CD.

***“I purchased the Healing Code CD (without prompts) and I can’t tell you how much I love this music. I want to tell you what I experienced. When I first started listening I would break down crying (uncontrollably) every time the first song (Unforgiveness) stared playing. It took weeks/months but I can now listen to the CD without this happening. I do believe it was a time of releasing. I now listen without this effect. I plan to make another purchase. I listen to the HC music almost every day. I usually turn it on first thing when I get up. Thanks.”

***“I’m listening to your music now, best music ever, love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!Thank you so much, you are a blessed young man, and your music is divine!!!!
It is my honour to meet you, and your music. Wishing you all the best life can bring you..

***“Hi Elio, I just wanted to thank you so much for producing the relaxing and beautiful Healing Code Music. I was having a hard time with the timing of the healing codes, and using a timer was just disruptive to the whole process. I purchased your music from the Healing Codes website and since then I have been LOVING the healing codes. Your music helps me to stop thinking of “things” and just concentrate on my positive affirmations while I’m doing the codes. I have never been able to meditate without my mind going all over the place, but doing 3 codes a day with the help of your music, has allowed me to actually do it! I also just love to listen to your “non-ping” music while I am working or just in the house. I just wanted to say what a great job you did, and thank you so much. You’ve made a difference in my life.

***“Dear Dr Alex Loyd, I also want to tell you that the music by Elio has helped me very much! I have listened to many “relaxation tapes/CDs” and his music is by far the best that I have ever heard. You made a good choice when you had him make music to go with your book. I love the 30 second bells that signal a change in hand position.

***“My son Jake had a liver transplant 9 days ago. Elio was so kind to send me his music to do the Healing Codes for Jake. I have been playing the music for Jake during his recovery and noticed something very cool…Jake had a rough time coming off the breathing tube and when he did he needed extra oxygen for a few days. His breathing was hard and fast into the 60′s on the machine (it should be in the 20′s/early30′s). I started playing Elio’s the music and in less than a minute his breathing went into the 20′s and Jake looked so much more relaxed. This was not a fluke because every time I played the music his breathing would return to a normal pattern. The nurses were amazed at how it would drop into normal zones so fast. I wish I took a video…it was so amazing. =)
There is also a video Jake waking up from general anesthesia today after a procedure. I played Elio Pagliarulo’s music for an hour before he woke up. If you have ever been under general anesthesia you know how horrible it is to wake up. We usually have to hold Jake down and work hard to keep him calm. Not the case today! See how calm and chill he is..and he had perfect vitals too. Not sure what we would do with out our healing music.