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Elizabeth Norland

Elizabeth's music is her way of reaching out to that ONE PERSON where ever they are, across the globe, as if THEY were personally in her home, her ministering one-on-one to them. YET, Elizabeth emphasizes: IT IS CHRIST - WHO WANTS - THE ONE-ON-ONE. I am only like "the matchmaker": I bring HIM to YOU, and YOU to HIM...through the music and messages...then YOU BOTH have THE RELATIONSHIP.

Simply HIS...Serving My Savior... Sharing My Songs

"To glorify the Lord is my greatest honor, to magnify his name is my heart's desire."

MUSIC MINISTRY (Link on this Page): HANDMAIDEN MUSIC - Music With A Mission:
1. "Music - To Go - Make Disciples - Of All Nations - Teaching Them - To Obey"
2. Instrumentals to impart the Lord's Peace.

BLOG MINISTRY (Link on this Page): THE IMAGE OF CHRIST - Theme: II Cor 3:18
"And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

FUTURE VISION - PUBLISHING FOR CHRIST: Publishing For The Glory of God and Christ Jesus
(I am in the creative process now and in listening mode, with the immediate goal to release several Christian eBooks in 2013. All this, Lord Willing.)

Elizabeth Norland is a songwriter, vocalist, flutist, pianist, keyboardist, publisher, and business woman, but more than these, she is a seasoned minister of the Word. Though throughout her life, she has served in missions, churches and ministry organizations, publicly sharing her faith...her truest heart is to disciple believers one on a mom would sit down with her children at the dinner table or in the living room...hospitable-like... open and unashamed, in a love for each ONE...or as a friend-to-friend....being real.

Elizabeth is now a young widow, whose husband died of cancer January 2009, and she just left Saint Louis, Missouri, where she helped with a church plant there, and on Easter Weekend 2013 moved to the Springfield, MO area. She is making herself available to her aging parents whom she moved to be near, and to God to write some books He has in mind for her, and remains open to whatever God has next in terms of locale, a future husband, career path, etc. You may contact her via her website Handmaiden Music using the contact tab on menu. Elizabeth has two grown sons: Jason 35, who lives in Madison WI, and Brian 31 and his wife, Teresa, who reside in Monroe MI. Elizabeth currently has two grandsons, Owen 6 and Micah 3, and her first granddaughter is to arrive on the scene May 2013.

Handmaiden Music is not Entertainment, but Inspiration....

A few words from Elizabeth...a little "background" (if interested) of WHY THE NAME "HANDMAIDEN MUSIC"?

The reference to "Handmaiden" in this Independent Record Label came to fruition after three different people declared over me, Elizabeth Norland, as a single woman , words to the effect of "You are His Handmaiden". Each declaration was given at a different time, in a different place, among a different group of people, and yet all these declarations occurred within a short time period. Therefore, I did indeed begin to think of myself as God's Handmaiden. And more importantly, I became convinced this was how God saw me, Elizabeth... for He used these people to establish my true identity in Him. Handmaiden means, by definition: A personal maid or female servant, serving a person of position and privilege, with a willing heart, out of love for that person, and loyalty toward that person. So, indeed, ever since this occurred about 10 years ago, I am and have been, Simply HIS. I am His Handmaiden. My heart's desire is to place Him at the center of my life. Jesus Christ is My Lord.... My King.

It was after I adopted this personal identification, however, that I learned that many music students quote, "Music is the Handmaiden of the Church." It refers to the historic role of music in worship and taking people forward as God's advances His Kingdom purposes. This is the sense of music as the handmaiden of the church. We, who are chosen to serve God in this type of calling, do not sing or play music for the sake of the music. We do not engage in music as art for the sake of art. We are not musicians in order to demonstrate our own musical skills, further our own goals, or thrill the listening audience. Thus the name for my music label is Handmaiden Music. I am identifying both myself, Elizabeth Norland, and the music, His Music, by use of this name. I am sharing, humbly and in the fear of the Lord, that which was given me...for His People.

In fact, I am going to be so bold as to tell you something the Holy Spirit told me when He began to give me music a few years back. It is taken word for word from my journal, and I want to be transparent with you all, for I believe it will encourage your heart to know HIS heart and purposes. This is what was told me:

"The Hour is coming to release a New Sound among the Nations. The "sound" of a loving, caring parent for his children. The "sound" of instruction. The "sound" of encouragement. The "sound" of grace to Be Mine. The hunger is EXTREME out there. It is a hunger FOR ME, just as I let you feel today. It is a hunger for "MY words" not "just words".... Hunger for My Presence within and power without."

The vision given: To create MUSIC that would go throughout the land, and be used TO DISCIPLE - and to bring PEACE ....a type of music that would cause people to "allow Christ into their lives" to transform them through His Word. This music to be like the "spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down", for the Word of God is not always easily received or digested, but it contains life and health to the hearer. Music making his messages, some of them hard, more palatable.

YOU...are the object of HIS AFFECTION. HE... wants to speak to you. HE... desires to use many means to woo you, and to draw you nearer. Music is the ideal language, for it bypasses the mind and all the walls we construct to protect and keep out, and it comes right into our inner parts, where God can then speak to us Spirit to spirit. And modern technology, with our download capabilities, can now be God's means to speak to you One-on-one in your own homes through your music downloads. Amen?!

My songs, many of them, are like receiving a sermon in that makes it kind of fun, as you are fed and taught spiritually from the Word of God. Handmaiden Music is scriptural. Lyrics are accessible on my website and you can also find scripture passages from the Word used as the basis for the songs. Your spirit will bear witness to the fact the songs are of grace and truth, As the Holy Spirit bears witness to himself.

"Draw Near To God, and He Will Draw Near To You"
James 4:8

"For with You is the fountain of life: in Your Light shall we see light."
Psalm 36:9

The Lord Will give strength to His People.
The Lord Will bless His People with peace.
Psalm 29:11

Handmaiden Music is a new Independent Christian Record Label
That Has Just Launched: 12-12-12, To the End, that these verses be fulfilled in your own personal life.

You have been amazing to have read through this whole thing, So now I ask you to pray for this music to go out. And if you could help me to get the music and its messages out to others, by spreading the link of my artist page around to your friends, church family, or posting it elsewhere, so that they then can access the CDs. I would really appreciate it.

I Bless you in Jesus name. May the music He has given, through me, enrich your lives... And may you experience righteousness, joy, and peace that comes only from The spirit of God working within you. If you have been away from God, come back to him. If you are already near, draw even closer. May the Lord Jesus be magnified in all our lives!

I invite you now to get downloads of all my CDs, and Hear The Lord, in the music. May you experience this same depth of His Love!

Blessings to you, in Jesus' name,

Elizabeth Norland