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Elkano Browning Cream

Elkano Browning Cream is synonymous with contagious, hypnotic rhythms, using the combination of a Hammond organ, guitar and drums to produce a magnetic sound that expands beyond borders because of the multicultural and nomadic qualities of the band’s members. The project, coordinated by the experienced Basque keyboard player Mikel Azpiroz (Fermin Muguruza, the Australian band The Waifs…), creates an eclecticism that blends genres (jazz, blues, and world music) to focus its essence on the purest sense of groove: a rhythm people can dance to. The Parisian drummer Franck Mantegari (Alpha Blondy, Saint Germain…) contributes his exotic and expert drumming alongside the melodic cadence and extreme versatility of the British guitarist and drummer Dave Wilkinson (David Philips, Brian Jackson, George Braith...).

Their albums Elkano Browning Cream (Mamusik, 2006) and 2 (Mamusik, 2010) are an exotic collection of grooves with elegant and sophisticated melodies that blend taste and knowledge of Western music with African, Latin and Asian influences. Contributing to this is American guitarist and singer Matt Harding, and among the band’s collaborators are Ugandan poet Jimmy Kayihura, Jamaincan musician Tony Ebanks, and the innovative and vanguard Basque singer-songwriter Mikel Laboa, who contributes his irrintzis (Basque folk high-pitched screams).

Guided by their adventurous spirit, they release their new album Bohemia (Mamusik, 2012) in which they put their electric instruments aside and transform themselves into a trio composed of a melodica, acoustic guitar and percussion, traveling to Mediterranean and Gypsy musical territories, carried away by the soul of the wandering sounds of the streets. Bohemia is a musical suite in which the tracks flow together through emotions that could be understood as a metaphor for life itself.

Intercultural interaction is in Elkano Browning Cream’s DNA and it is a feature that defines its path that has taken it to perform in festivals and clubs in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Elkano Browning Cream:

Dave Wilkinson (Barcelona): guitar, vocals
Franck Mantegari (Paris): drums, percussion
Mikel Azpiroz (Donostia-San Sebastián): hammond B3 organ, keyboards