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Enter the Worship Circle

Hi, I'm Ben Pasley. Back in the 80's before the invention of the internet I learned the guitar, wrote songs, and even started my first band later on in college. In 1994 I met and married my wife, Robin, and we formed the band 100 Portraits and toured hard, over 100 concerts a year, for many years. We recorded two albums as 100 Portraits during that decade. In 1999 we had a creative explosion and created the first Enter The Worship Circle album, an alternate-folk worship album, which quickly became one of the most influential independent worship albums of that era. I produced a total of 9 Worship Circle albums under that banner up until 2010. After a break, and some rethinking, I launched my solo career as a musician in 2013 with my album Residue, a southern rock opera chronicling the journey from loss and isolation to whispers of recovering inside of God. I am happy that you are looking into my second solo album: Elemental. It is written from reflecting on my recent book publishing called Elementary, a simple introduction to following Jesus.

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More About My Music:
From a very young age I have been confused about my career in music and myself in general. On one hand I love music and everything my southern soul can understand about making it. On the other hand I have had an obsession with weaving my spiritual life, my encounters with Jesus, into everything I do. It has made my music career fall into some funny spaces. Music is what it is, and it should be able to stand alone and not lean on any pet cause or even spiritual ammunition for legitimacy. However, all that said, I know that a lot of people listen to my music as much for the spiritual encouragements and insights as they might the sounds. Either way, help me with my confusion, but don't hold it against me. I have never quite been a worship leader in the classic sense of being committed to Christian meetings, nor have I been a club rocker spilling beer all over the front row. I have not quite made it as a Christian pop artist (having little pop sensibility), and I never became a pure singer-songwriter because I never learned to journal my private life to music. My latest album is full of big ideas, poetry around eternity, and straightforward reflections on a very basic bit of Scripture from the letter of Hebrews. It is, in a way, a set of spiritual mediations built on a foundation of soul, Muscle Shoals, R&B, country and modern rock fused together in some kind of turnip green enriched meat-and-three at a forty year-old southern diner. You can tell me what it is. I will just remember how much I loved making it.