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Epidemic is a Hip-Hop group comprised of two MC's: Hex One and Tek-nition. The two MC's, then teenagers, met during their early years of high-school. Immediately after learning of each other's ability to rap and love of Hip-hop music, they kicked it off and grew to become very close friends. Hex One (Christian Ortega) was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. At a very early age he and his family relocated to Elmhurst, Queens in New York City, where he first became exposed to and inevitably fell in love with the Hip-Hop culture. Around the age of 13, His family moved again, this time to Miami, Florida. Tek-nition (Edwin Canela), on the other hand, was born and raised in South-Florida having lived most of his life in Homestead.

Both MC's were born in the month of April in 1989 and oddly enough, transferred to the same high-school within a few days of each other. Although both were already fairly skilled, neither Hex nor Tek had fully developed their specific styles of rhyming upon initially meeting one another. However, when they began writing rhymes together they eventually formed similar sounding styles that complemented each other very well. Often during class, they would pass each other a sheet of paper and have contests to see who can keep the same rhyme scheme going the longest. Tek-nition was always an incredible freestyler and as a result, he and Hex became favorites at the cafeteria of their school. Both would simultaneously amaze crowds with complex rhymes and clever punchlines.

Eventually they began recording music, and in 2006, under the name of Epidemic, they put together a mix-tape, in which they recorded their rhymes over classic Hip-hop beats. The project however, went unreleased. Displeased with the quality of both the recordings and the beats, Hex moved to Arizona to pursue a degree in audio engineering in 2010. After graduating and moving to Los Angeles for a short time that same year, Hex decided it was time to finally make things happen. The first thing he set out to do was remake and release the mix-tape as an actual album. Hex immediately thought of and contacted a beat maker with whom Epidemic had collaborated with in the past, Las Vegas producer 5th Element. Only he could supply the gritty hard-hitting production needed to back Epidemic's aggressive lyrics. 5th Element agreed, and after a few months of work, they had crafted what some call a modern-day Hip-hop classic.

In the end of 2011, a friend of Luxembourg producer Jesse James stumbled upon Epidemic and immediately introduced them to each other through a social media platform. Shortly thereafter, they began collaborating on songs without any serious plans of making a complete project. After months of working together they had accumulated a substantial amount of music together an decided that a full-length would be a good idea. Epidemic's sophomore album Monochrome Skies was born.

Epidemic is currently working on a third release with an entirely new sound and producer. Hip Hop is still strong in 2012!