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Eve McTelenn

1973 – 2005
A girl with a harp

Born in 1973, Eve spent the first 20 years of her life travelling and living across the African Continent as well as France. She spent her childhood in Tunisia and Normandy before moving to Senegal during her teenage years. She later moved back to France, living in various regions over a number of years.

1998 - 2005
A Time to Learn

Eve eventually found herself living in Paris where she developed a strong interest in Breton music. This interest led her to begin learning to play the celtic harp, a close cousin of the kora, an instrument she had often listened to during her years in Africa. These experiences gave her a natural affinity to the mysterious celtic harp.
Over the years, several teachers contributed to her learning and her participation in various courses gave the inspiration to continue on her musical and personal journey.
In 2005, she began teaching the celtic harp to beginners. Eve still teaches at her workshop, Harpa.

Artistic Birth

Born in April 1973 in Tunisia, not far from the Star Wars movie locations, from travelling parents through their work, she went through Tunisia and Senegal during her adolescence, where she discovered the Kora, a cousin of the harp, and bought her first Celtic harp albums including the famous Alan Stivell’s «Celtic Harp Rebirth» and albums from the Flemish French speaking harpist Katrien Delavier, which still remain today her reference albums.

In 1990’s, by a fluke, she moved to Corrèze, where she became the youngest driving instructor of her promotion, but since this profession was impossible in the region, she set a computer company called «Scribe Informatique», innovating and creating by the way the first site dedicated to the promotion of companies in Corrèze :

This experience led her to Paris in 1998, where, at the age of 26, she begun to learn to play the Celtic harp with M. Didier Donon as her first teacher, whom she met at the Breton Mission while continuing to exercise her first profession: Driving instructor.  Thereafter, she kept on learning to play the Celtic harp with the following teachers, amongst others: Cécile Corbel, Elisa Vellia, Myrdhin, Clotilde Trouillaud, Anne Postic, Janet Harbison, Dominig Bouchaud, during individual lessons, training courses or Masterclasses.

At the same time, she came up with the idea of creating a website dedicated to the Celtic harp in order to help people like her to find out practical information regarding the instrument, the lessons, the CDs, the scores in this huge web defining Internet... This site called remains a reference site today.
This site was also the first online shop in France to sell Celtic harp albums through the confidence and support of harpists such as the group «Dremmwel», Anne Postic, Nathalie Chatelain and many others.  Eve also organised unique harp training courses in Paris, through the complicity of one of her students, a Carmelite from the Carmel St Joseph in Paris, with Cécile Corbel and Anne Postic as guests and teachers.  She played the first part of Cécile Corbel’s concert with a new trio during the December 2009 training course.

In 2006, Eve became officially Eve McTelenn, the Lady with the Harp.  She performed her first concert for the movie «FINIS TERRAE» in Créteil in March 2006, at the initiative of Patrick.T, Chairman of Créteil Breton Friendly Staff.
Today, with more than one hundred concerts, medieval festivals, activities, etc., throughout Europe (Belgium - Switzerland – United-Kingdom - Germany) and 10 albums produced at thousands of copies and sold all around the world, including a unique Trio in the Celtic music bringing together Fanny Codecco Grando (cellist) and Lionel Hubert (ukulélé et guitarist), Eve McTelenn has become a respected artist in medieval and magical communities.

For almost a year, she took singing lessons with Agnès Deutch, a singing instructor recognised in Paris, and has taken profit from this experience during her concerts and for some music tracks.  She also lends her voice to jingles and texts broadcasted by radios: Radio Arcadie and Wicca radio.  From 2012 to 2013, she led the workshop dedicated to the Celtic harp of Rueil-Malmaison’s Breton Friendly Staff.
She continues on her way with a beautiful Celtic harp teacher’s career, begun in 2009 in Paris (she gave up her profession of driving instructor), on Skype where she was the first one in France to have the idea of using this system in order to reach more people wishing to play the Celtic harp, and from now on in Brittany (through the organisation of summer training courses - Summer harp school) and in Belgium.

She participates in the « The Lady and the Unicorn Exhibition » adventure which was initiated by Julien Delanssays and exhibited throughout Europe, France, Belgium, Switzerland and United-Kingdom in 2013.
Since September 2013 and after a very beautiful medieval and magical season 2014, Eve McTelenn returns to training in various formats: Guitar with Lucien Battaglia, Jean-Felix Lalanne and Paul Cesari from the « IMusic School » and photography with Denis Chaussende from the «Elephorm» school.  Her Celtic harp instructor activity continues with more than 50 students enrolled per year and on Skype alongside.

A sabbatical year at abroad festivals level, in order to take advantage from family joys and to work on scores collections to be discovered on « Lulu » website and on teaching of the harp in Paris, via Skype and training courses.  She initiates with the illustrator Natacha Miss Chacha the project of an artist women’s group called the « Fairy Women ».  Eve McTelenn remains and will always remain a harpist at heart...