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F-MIRO: Beginnings

Brian was a seasoned recording engineer with multiple platinum records under his belt. Cole was a structural technician who consumed hours of new electronica every day. And Chris was a visual artist with a golden - albeit twisted - ear. Normally their paths would never cross, but that day they happened to be riding the LA Metro 442 bus towards Downtown to attend the annual Gyotaku roundup.

As Cole drummed his fingers along to some of the most obscure electronica imaginable, Chris covertly captured it on his iPhone and quickly remixed it with a homemade app. Fortunately this impromptu creativity did not go unnoticed by Brian, who had to pause reading a comprehensive article on stereo micing and phase relationships to see who was making all the quantized ruckus.

F-MIRO was born.

Since that day, F-MIRO have been utilizing a similar slice-and-dice, punk-disco philosophy for the formulation of their unique offerings to the dimly lit world of underground electronic composition, and the results have been nothing short of aesthetically shocking.

Consider their rogue 2013 EP “Permission”: gritty, dark, deep, and emotional, Permission is a modern glitch record that splices distorted fragments of hip hop, drum and bass, and techno into a fluid stream of emo-industrial abstraction.

Or an April 2013 live podcast that not only features fantastical re-imaginings of contemporary R&B hits, but struts and shimmies to a genre-shifting assortment of original electronic vices, each more intense, personal, and addictive than the last. The cast is even hosted by the infamous DJ LOWDOSE, who hasn’t been heard on record since his controversial “Try Baby Try” mix-tape was banned in 2011.

How do they do it? In a recent interview Cole explained:

Cole: Everything we create is in-house, and everything we do tends to be really raw and idiosyncratic. We’re not using “Hot Dubstep Synths Volume Two”. Brian: It’s mostly Volume One.

The point is that, in a saturated sea of electro-techno mish-mash, F-MIRO is a juggernaut conglomerate on a mission to give machines souls and unleash living, breathing art on listeners across the globe. They have no socio-political purpose...for now.

Cole: We’re not exactly in the category of looking for a big drop that’s going to be here today and gone tomorrow. Everything has an intrinsic quality and the compositions have an intrinsic logic that can be around for a long time. Brian: An approachable and enduring sound. Cole: When the decades go by, you don’t see the music as a phenomenon of a certain time, but as something that endures on it’s own merit.

F-MIRO's future burns brightly and the horizon is limitless as they engage to push their territory far beyond intellectual-aural pursuits into new paradigms of neurological innovation and psycho-bio revolution.

Until then...

F-MIRO August 2013