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Far Radio Clouds

Out of Los Angeles California in early 2008, a gathering of ideas began to take form just about every Thursday night fusing musical experience. The first incarnation of this band began under the name Monarch, and is now Far Radio Clouds. Though the musical ground hadn’t been covered, the idea of what it might begin to sound like already began to take form in the ideas of band founder Ricky Jason R. (Rodriguez) as early as 2002. Though it could never be put into motion at the time, there were the seeds of this sound always in the far corners of the ear. These songs were without knowing, truly a brewing of the softer ideas that just for some reason couldn’t be grown from the harder sounds being played at the time in another band Ricky was creating in called Analogdriver. The name derives from the transendence of life, from visible light to radio light, and the far away place of this source. The very example that exists in sound and all of us....shedding the beginning and carrying on towards a purpose, in this case....the purpose of new sounds.

Much like the life and change of a larvae to a monarch fly, the music had it’s need to grow. Constantly being recorded in snips and samples, the acoustic shell of ideas, piano medleys, and the 3 a.m. chords recorded in our late night ideas, Most of this wouldn’t have come to bear fruit had it not been for an evening show in Downtown to see a music and art exhibit where a band called Paper Pills was performing. Ricky had been impressed to say the least with the talents of guitarist Jorge Acosta, whose mastery of ethereal effects created the most vivid walls of sound not seen in many guitarists ot the modern day. A chance meeting at another Paper Pills show got the two talking about making new music and though it didn’t come about until quite some time later, the music of Monarch/Far Radio Clouds finally began to grow and change, and into a very artistic sound with Acosta's help! Securing a rhythm section, Monarch/Far Radio Clouds began to play shows throughout summer of 2008 in cities throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

In May of 2008 a recorded demo unofficially known as the "the Fly Cycle Demo" containing Radiolina, Telenovela, Patagonia, and Frauline was released being mixed by Joey Ayoub at the Sound Salon in Hollywood. Impressed with Ayoub's talents as a drummer also, it was decided that a full length album would be made to bring the demo songs and others to full life through really good production in concept-album form! The new album promises to resonate with true original character, and should be out just before winter 2009. Monthly shows throughout Los Angeles were played trying to build a fanbase. It's been a melting pot of talent from various artists to play it live much in the likes of A Perfect Circle, Team Sleep, and other mergers of artists. Guest artists have always been welcome to join in and play these songs with us. Carving new sounds and ideas, Far Radio Clouds has a unique blend of progressive alternative rock. With a variety of moods, the music has been able to invoke a range of themed songs with beautifully deep lyrics. From the nostalgic sounds of songs like Frauline, to the punching power of Telenovela, or from the sounds of renewal from songs like Radiolina, to the sky gazing sounds of Patagonia. Far Radio clouds is truly original musical art.

“music is refined like the cycling of the perfect fly”