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Fausto Notorius

Fausto Notorius was born in Rome 20th October 1970. Graduated in Rome "La Sapienza" University Fausto has a degree in Economics.
At the age of eight years, he asked a violin to Father for Christmas but under the bed he found a guitar. Today Fausto plays the piano.
He was a live wire child...this is what the old people say about him...
At the age of ten years he took piano and singing lessons. The teacher was Mariagrazia Fontana.
He really wanted to communicate at 300° degrees... he saved 60° degrees for his future. At the age 18 years old he enrolled at the university and during the summer holidays he worked in holiday villages as musician and "anaesthetist"....depending on people he met.... could he live in a such big "container"? The holiday village was a very good experience and learn, understand people and take one's courage in both hands.Life there was like a video game...rules and files changed every week..different shapes, faces, voices and thoughts...a new scenery every week. The chaos was in front of him..."Collodi".
Thanks to this experience Fausto's background wes enriched. He went from the Underground to the Overground when he met the famous multimedia artist Gegé Telesforo. From 1990 to nowdays Fausto worked with Gegé as actor, author and radio speaker (Radio Dimensione Suono, Radio Capital). Fausto worked also for TV (Canale 5, Canal Jimmy, Sky). Then he met in London with his friend Gegé, the american producer, musician, writer BenSidran.
After this encounter Fausto received a CD with a Marvin Gayne's song "Let's get it on.." remixed with Fausto's song-poem "Il vento".
On February 1996 he graduated in Rome "La Sapienza" University. Then he left for a little village Marradi close to Florence as conscientious objector. After one year he came back would have been time to start working....but Fausto decided to leave again for Canada where he will remain for another year. The experience in Canada was great...but Fausto wanted to further understand!
Many artistic experiences around the world...."the world" the only and true stage where you can free creativity, fantasy and art....make people smile and think at the same time! This wind blows and shakes...
Fausto was not happy about "the world" around him...he decided to enroll at the university in order to graduate in Sociology: this will help him to understand the others and himself.He finished his studies on 11th of July 2011.
He left for Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. When he came back he worked with the comic actor Rodolfo Laganà. Fausto wrote with Rodolfo the script of the show "Laganà Social Club".

On 2005 Fausto worked as author and assistant director for the Laganà's show "Geneticamente Mortificato" .
He worked also in a TV – SKY programme "Casa Laurito" with Marisa Laurito and he continued to set all kind of stages ..liquid and endless. As musician and multimedia, local and dialectal man…Fausto delved into the global concept...up to the universal: he completed the recording of "DARE.. AVERE" CD (6 Tropical Latin Jazz Songs)

On October 5th 2005 Renzo Arbore, one of most famous producer and italian clarinet jazz musician awarded a prize to Fausto for the best song "Vorrei Amarti" (I would love you) at Benjamino Festival in Naples.
Radio KISS KISS ITALIA also awarded him for the best radio song.
On 2007 Notorius produced a teathre show "Scarecrow" where introduced the new album "Come un fiore..."(Like a flower)
On 2008 Fausto produced his second show "IO MARCIO"from 19 to 24 of Febbruary on Furio Camillo Teathre in Roma.
At the same time Fausto has introduced his third album called "L'inesplicabile"(Inexplicable) played with Dj Wasp alias Milo Silvestro
Last work in theatre was on october 2010:"The man In Crack" a new show with new songs and images installation.