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Fescal is the fictitious name of an English-born composer of contemporary music. Currently trending and residing north of Seoul, South Korea. Originally from Co. Durham, north east England. Classically trained as a musician, Fescal has worked with various forms of exploratory media for a number of years and plans to do so in the future. Fescal’s work has been released by Time Released Sound (USA), Twice Removed Records (Australia), Top 40 (Russia), Test Tube (Portugal), Camomille Music (Canada), 1798 (Germany) and Bypass (China).

Fescal does not like to speak about his music and generally refuses to provide comments on his works. This is neither a caprice nor a sign that he is not willing to reflect. On the contrary, he intensively thinks through matters of compositional aesthetics, draws his compositional ideas from this and, moreover, has a lively interest in philosophy and natural sciences which he also integrates into his works. The severity of his musical language, the often extreme reduction of the material and the absolutely unwavering consistency which stamp his scores no doubt must be seen in the context of his affinity to exact thinking and empirical logic. The rejection of verbal articulation thus only seems logical. The composer, whose goal is to achieve a new and individual concept of sound, places his faith in the intrinsic value of his sound worlds, in their capacity for (non-expressive) statement, in the music's own power of conviction.

Furthermore, his compositional goal has always been to work on the sound, not in the sense of producing impressionistic tone paintings but in the sense of achieving a highly individual and personal concept of sound