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Fescal is the fictitious name of English-born composer and musician David S. Originally from Co. Durham, North-East England. Classically trained as a musician and a composer. He has worked with various forms of exploratory media and labels for a number of years.

The main characteristic of Fescal’s compositional art is no doubt its multifarious plurality. It would be useless to attempt to explicate a specific handwriting that runs through his entire oeuvre, or to assign the music to a particular school. He pursues his path steadily, unbridled by the restrictive debates on trends and currents.

Having fun with music as a living organism is very much a part of Fescal’s life. He enjoys the démodé, eclectic means, which nudge and tweak the Zeitgeist, knowing full well that music was never, at any time, one of the world's most serious issues. Ritual and ecstasy, entertainment and pleasure have always belonged to music - and still belong to it today.

By Wounded Wolf Press