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Food For Fantasy

In 1986 a project came on the progressive instrumental music scene that seemed destined to break through borders, categories and preconceived notions of success. Robert Schroeder did exactly that with Double Fantasy. His debut album, Universal Avenue was released on the German label, Innovative Communications, but soon found airplay in the USA on California radio stations. The interesting, but not unusual, mix of laid back grooves, electronics and guitar work clearly moved German electronica into much wider potential audience.

Unfortunately, as so often occurs in this sometimes petty industry, legal squabbles and other factors doomed Double Fantasy from further breaking into the American mainstream. Their name would not be seen on a recording again until the mid 1990s, again on IC, but with other musicians at the helm. By that point, the band’s successor on IC, Dancing Fantasy, had already become a transatlantic darling routinely showing up on US charts and smooth jazz radio stations across the country. But as Dancing Fantasy built a bridge on jazz influences in their grooves, they had moved further and further away from that warm, surf-feeling electronica of the original Schroeder/McLion duo.

Now, good fortune is looking on us because nearly another decade on, Schroeder has resurrected the project under the name "Food for Fantasy".
With a new guitarist completing the duo, Schroeder stays consistent with the formula that started the phenomena some two decades ago in California.
Catchy grooves and melodies merge in easily accessible trancey songs sure to once again break categorization. The new album feels more retro than some would hope (the project’s genesis was after all being “innovative” in its sound) with retro gear, rhythms and sounds present throughout.
Nevertheless, it is nice collection of music and should be a welcome addition to many a music library.