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Forlorn Path

The Forlorn Path story begins in the fall of 2008 in an inconspicuous college house in New Brunswick, NJ. The original line-up (Yuriy Garnaev, Ray Dib, Alex Fiore, and Dave Imbriaco) culled a diverse blend of influences, including death metal, folk, jazz, noise, and black metal. What they did share was a desire to create music, and so they began collaborating and laying the groundwork for what would eventually become their first release as a band.

Forlorn Path emerged from the basements of the New Brunswick metal scene in spring 2010 with their first EP, Being Towards Death. It featured a very raw sound and combined the brutality of death metal with dissonant melodies to create an unsettling treatise on the ignorance of man. The fan favorite “These Walls Stand No More” was the album’s magnum opus, nearly 10 minutes of heavy, evocative passages and a jazzy conclusion that set Forlorn Path apart from their strictly metal contemporaries.

2012 saw the release of their second EP, Intifada, a journey through a man’s horrific coma dream. Forlorn Path fine-tuned their sound to depict the crushing battle against oppression and inner strife, and began to experiment with denouements that were at once both brutal and melodic. These elements and structures hinted at their progression as a band, which would thrust them back into recording just months after their sophomore release.

By the time recording began again in spring 2012, the band had seen a great deal of change. It now consisted of only two founding members, Yuriy and Dave, who were now joined by guitarist / sound engineer Ivan Chernikov. With Dave taking over lead vocals and Yuriy taking full creative control of the music, a new sound began to take shape.

Clocking in at just over an hour long, the debut full-length Man’s Last Portrait is the culmination of the band’s efforts to date. The album features material both new and written over the course of many years, telling stories of loss, longing, and the gradual decay of an ignorant world. Some songs hearken back to the strength of the band’s earlier aggression; others feature strains of darkness and melancholy, ambient keyboards, and acoustic interludes. All told, the latest release combines the best of the old with previously uncharted waters, inviting listeners on a journey that is at once despondent and hopeful, treacherous and alluring…