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Foul Mouth Jerk

Foul Mouth Jerk is an independent hip hop artist raised in northern New Jersey. Growing up in the late 80’s & early 90’s he participated in what is often referred to as the music’s golden age. Beginning rapping in 1988, he spent his high school years battling in the school cafeteria, parks and street corner cyphers. Later he would cut his teeth on stage at open mic’s in Newark & Manhattan and perform at various parties around NJ & NYC. During his junior year of high school Foul Mouth was kicked out of his mother’s house and subsequently carried on his search for stage time while living on the street & sleeping in parking lots and abandoned vehicles. He credits this period with shaping much of his rap style.
After graduating the Jerk worked a series of worsening, dead-end jobs around Jersey. While serving as a janitor in a sewage treatment facility in Newark, he realized he was living out the plot to some terrible Bruce Springsteen song and decided to leave and see as much of the world as possible. He began traveling the country, earning gas and food money as a street performer, freestyling over the drums of his traveling partner. This carried on in cities around the US, from Burlington, VT to Miami, from San Francisco to New Orleans. This period found him in a wide range of places & situations with an eclectic cast of characters. Keeping the company of drug addicts, strippers, sex workers, gutter punks, train hoppers, b-boys, graffiti writers and other traveling musicians, while frequently indulging in ill-advised amounts of LSD informed his writing in strange and unique ways . It broadened and further shaped his outlook and expression into something that speaks to and for a wide cross section of the disenfranchised of our culture.
It was along these travels that Foul Mouth met the people with whom he would later form the hip hop/funk collective GFE. In 1997 the group based itself out of the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina & began recording as an eight piece live band. The group began touring nationally shortly thereafter playing in nearly every state in the union, at clubs, colleges & festivals. They opened for such legends as Run DMC and P-Funk, as well as current stars such as Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Soundtribe Sector 9 . The group has also recorded with such heavyweights as George Clinton, Eric Krasno of Soulive and Tame One of the Artifacts.
In 2002 the Jerk met the like minded misanthrope TopR Holiday in San Francisco and joined the Bay Area underground collective known as Gurp City. Jerk and TopR began touring together nationally and subsequently recorded an album under the name Vice Squad in 2004. The album, titled "Vomit is the New Confetti" had the stated goal of only touching on only six topics; drinking, smoking, stealing, fighting, doing drugs and fucking. Mission accomplished. The duo headlined such national tours as "Alcoholics Unanimous" and "The Marathon of Shame" earning a small cult following.
Foul Mouth dropped his forth solo outing, “Streetlight Music” in May 2008. It features appearances by Masta Ace, Murs of Living Legends, El Da Sensei, and one of hip hop’s original godfathers Grandmaster Caz of the The Cold Crush Brothers. The album went to #10 on CMJ college hip hop charts, and it's single "Small Town USA" went to #2. The album also garnered critical acclaim in the Source, Urb, and Pound magazines as well as many major music blogs & websites.
In 2009 Jerk, TopR and GFE bandmate Adam Strange started a radio talk show known as The Worst Case scenario on Asheville NC's 103.3 fm/ The show's unscripted premise was showing up on the air after several shots of Irish whisky and making ridicule of one another, celebrities, politicians and whoever else became caught in the crossfire. The show garnered a small national following online and earned them the nickname "The Best CyberBullies in the Business".
His fifth solo album 2011's "The Oldest Trick In the Book" spawned the single and video "Back Up On the Scene". This track was the first appearance of the newly reunited hip hop legends, The Artifacts, after the group's break up in 1997. The song was a personally auspicious achievement for Foul Mouth due to the influence the Artifacts had on his music during his time as a homeless rap vagrant.
In April 2015 The Jerk released his sixth album "Death By Misadventure". This release was spearheaded by "Opium Den", a stop-motion animation, crime drama rap video. The project was produced, directed, shot and edited entirely by Jerk and his production partner Jon Jones, for a new joint venture known as Low Bat Studios. The pair are at work on a sequel to "Opium Den" titled "The Perfect Crime" and have plans to produce several live action videos in the near future.
Foul Mouth Jerk has maintained a steady work ethic throughout his eighteen plus years as a professional musician, touring & recording with GFE, TopR and as a soloist. He currently has five full length albums with the band and six solo releases, the Vice Squad project with TopR and is waiting to release the "Scofflaw"
album with Fist Fam alum Gus Cutty and San Franciso producer DJ Eons. He continues to host The Worst Case Scenario with Adam Strange, which is now a podcast available on iTunes and In his spare time he writes short stories, hangs out with his super-genius red-nose pit bull Visenya Applebum and occasionally paints pictures… mostly of giraffes for some reason.