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Francesco Jaya

Francesco Jaya

Francesco Jaya is an artist, author, musician, professional, teacher, and guide.

For over 10 years, Francesco has studied with some of the most prominent teachers of human potential on the planet, including Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Ayn Rand, Gangji and Amma. He is a graduate of the “Soundwork as Soulwork” program, which studies music as medicine from a holistic perspective through many of the indigenous cultures of the world and weaves this into his Kirtan yoga practice.

Based on his soul’s passion and natural skill to draw out the hidden, latent and reserved potential in each person, Francesco created and now facilitates the Foundations Progressive Life Programs. These programs feature group and individual forums (both public and private), to fathom and grow the human condition from the nature of your spiritual truth –reaching inside your own thoughts and belief systems, and helping you to examine and construct new, true foundations – from the thoughts behind your thoughts.

Francesco grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a son of immigrant parents. Since childhood, he felt a constant sense of carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Considering the challenging circumstances he faced during his upbringing, he always had an excuse; an excuse to fail, an excuse to be angry and an excuse to feel empty. He spent many years sabotaging relationships and careers… not really aware that he was doing it. He felt like he was doing what he was supposed to enjoy a full life, and yet happiness…true happiness was never around long.

Then one day, he looked at a painting – a painting that would change his life as he knew it and shift the course of his future. It occurred to him that the beautiful scene in this painting did not reflect the happiness he had always searched for. Despite being surrounded with the material rewards of his success, he still felt empty. No, his life did not reflect this painting at all. It was a beautiful painting, and his life on paper was going well…deep in his heart, he knew – it was not his painting. Someone had drawn out what happiness was supposed to look like, and Francesco had built a life that resembled this. It was not his own. This was the turning point for Francesco, and he bought that painting the day he left the corporate world.

He discovered that the secrets of life are not actually secrets; and is dedicated to helping you discover who you really are, and what it means to break the hypnosis.

“Music has been a passion and a pleasure in my life. Music is best shared. I love Kirtan for many reasons. The depth of self we can explore and share, the co-creative atmosphere, and mostly the dropping of walls between audience and performers. We can be either and both in Kirtan. I was primarily
an introvert growing up. I still am really, though it surprises people when I say this. Extroversion for me was a learned behaviour. Now, I am both and neither. In Kirtan, even if I am leading a room of hundreds, I can still be both. It is like immersing oneself in a pool of pure, clear, perfectly warmed water.”

Today, Francesco loves to create opportunities for others to step up and into who they really are. He enjoys world travel, nature in every regard, a good laugh, a warm smile, a big heart and eyes that never dim.