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Francis Rimbert

Has been playing music since he was 5 years old. He started in classical music, at the piano. At the conservatory, he studied harmony, counterpoint, theory and orchestration. & won first prize in piano. He moved onto Paris where he become a salesman in a shop that was importing synthesizers in an age in which almost no-one was selling them. It was then that Francis become interested in electronic instruments. Sponsored by Korg, Francis took the stage (Theatre de Champs Elysee) solo, surrounded by his synthesizers (Bionic Orchestra 1979). He became the go-to man for Roland and Ensoniq.

A talented musician, Francis wasted little time getting to know another master of the synthesizer, Jean Michel Jarre, through their mutual friend, Michel Geiss. Meeting in 1979 for the concert in Place de la Concorde, they began a long collaboration. Since 1986 (Houston), Francis has been at Jarre’s side on stage.

Aside from his work on various albums for Jarre, Francis has created several works of sonic illustration. Synthesizers are the extensions of the fingers of a sensitive musician who uses electronic instruments to articulate his melodic talent, a talent which helped him win first prize at the international festival of electronic music in Tokyo in 1988 (chaired by Isao Tomita).
1994 Francis Rimbert created music for some video games. In 1995 and 1996, Francis did some master classes but he was distracted by his involvement with Jarre’s concerts.

2003 Francis took on a new challenge: a new album, entitled DOUBLE FACE.

In DOUBLE FACE, Francis explored a mystique world, full of duality, in which each title has something to be discovered. GAELICK, for example, is an homage to Michael Flatley (Lords of the Dance) and the lightness of the Irish dancers in a highly physical choreography.

Musical colors evoke a parallel universe of duality in things and culture, most strongly realized in DORIAN GRAY. Conceived as a tableau with touches of Magritte or a poem with multiple meanings.

Follow the path of the artist through his reflections, his sensibilities. Visualize our Double Face; everyone is free to conceive their open and hidden side, their duality.

The duality of the soul (DEVIL SOUL), the duality of emotions (WHAT IS LOVE), the duality of death (ADAGIO); each title delivers its double message.

Apr. 2005 an American distributor discovered Double Face on line and proposed a contract of distribution for the USA. The contract was signed with Atomic Quill Music in Detroit and 10,000 units of DOUBLE FACE were pressed. Francis Rimbert performed a showcase during the Fuse-In festival in Detroit and held a release party at Record Time, Detroit’s premier shop for electronic music. He also conducted interviews that were aired various stations (KLCC, ETN, Echoes) Various titles were remixed by American Djs, including Kenneth Thomas and D.Fuse and distributed by Moist Music.

Sept. 2005 : The album was released in France and throughout Europe. Nov. 2005 : Francis held a showcase, Le Divan de Monde, in Paris.

2006, Francis Rimbert signed distribution contracts in Scandinavia and with digital distributor Wild Palms Music. His music is now available around the world.

Concerts, showcases, interviews, the release of a single, MECANIQUE DU TEMPS, a duet with his friend, the hard rock guitarist, Patrick Rondat; this single was a limited edition release, to coincide with a performance at Salon de la Musique in September. In spite of all this, Francis found the time to release a compilation: SOUND OK VINTAGE, Volume 1.

March 2007 released of SOUND OF VINTAGE-Volume 2, followed by SNAP SHOTS in October. Francis Rimbert founded his band : THE VIBES

He presented live some of the titles from this upcoming record. These live gigs gave him the privilege of sharing the stage with LOL – cult guitarist of the program “Nulle Part Ailleurs” on Canal +. Or rediscovering his friend Sylvain Durand for a synthesizer duel. Also on board are a percussionist Victor Paillet and a sound designer in the person of Nicholas Mills. Angy, singer and diva, makes various interventions on a variety of songs (Celtic voices ...).

With this new record Francis chose another direction. Melodies mix so many different universes like rock, electronic and even jazzy. And the musicians featuring on scenes performed in a total osmosis.

Invited by his distributors, first in Spain and then the Netherlands before taking on the rest of Europe, Francis pursued a promotional tour, complete with private concerts.

After these performances, Francis was solicited to perform a concert in Lyon in November 2007, to benefit Handicap International .

2008 has been the "Year of the DVD" for Francis. Feb. 2008 release of the very first DVD LIVE IN 2007. A docu-report on the concerts recorded and filmed during the summer 2007.The DVD is sold out through pre-orders and re-pressed before its official release. Nov. 2008 the 2nd DVD LIVE IN LYON filmed & recorded in Lyon on nov.2007 is launched and released.