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Franky Uk

Over the years I have been, and have achieved, (with some degree of success), many things, mainly in the music/entertainment business.

In short, I have been a professional musician, singer and writer. I spent some time working as a DJ. I wrote a musical drama called 'Prodigal', I worked as a sound engineer in a recording studio, I wrote jingles for a local Radio station, I ran a night club, I wrote a comic strip called 'The Legend of Dyllbert the Pirate' which was eventually published as two books... oh and so many other things besides

My musical influences.

Are many, varied and pretty diverse...

From the Kinks to Slade, Mumford and Sons to Daft Punk, Jeff Wayne's incredible 'War of the Wolds' to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Beethoven... The list is truly endless.

Where my own songs are concerned, I don’t write for a specific market nor do I follow a formula. I write about things I like or have an opinion about, things I have experienced, observed or researched. In fact, whatever takes my fancy. Because of this I suppose my music will hopefully never be classed as ‘samey’.

I never worry about the length of a song but I always do my utmost to write clever, thoughtful and enjoyable lyrics that tell some kind of a story so that listeners are properly entertained.

Franky Uk.

A question I am sometimes asked is why I chose to be known by the name of ‘Franky Uk’.

Well, for several reasons really.

First and foremost, although Frank is my given name, many of my friends and family refer to me as Franky. So, for me Franky was always going to be the logical choice.

But why the added Uk? Well, I was born and live in England which, of course, is part of the UK and therefore logical.

But that’s not the main reason for the addition.

The reason I added it on is purely because there are quite a number of ‘Franky’ musical artists around the world and I thought that adding on the ‘Uk’ would be the simplest and most memorable way for people to differentiate my work from theirs.

Oh, plus the fact that I quite liked it!

And finally…

My ambition.

Is to never give up on my ambition!