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'universal consciousness music', 'Zero Universal'

Frits Evelein

My spiritual awakening began at age 15, when I experienced a state of universal consciousness. I felt myself holding an infinite number of universes in my hand, which seemed like one big holographic expression of Light and Love.

Now at this amazing time frame in Earth's history, I am happy to be in this human life to add my expressions of Universal Consciousness to the collective of this planet. I feel thrilled to take part in the awakening of our Divine essence and to co-create a new paradigm. I currently work as a teacher musician in translating the infinite creative life force of Source Consciousness in various forms of expression.

Earlier in my career, I earned a Master degree in musicology and a PhD in psychology. I worked as a professor in Music Education in Holland at the Rotterdam Conservatory as well as at the University of Utrecht. I have been lecturing and teaching in all kinds of international settings and have published several books on music education and psychology.

It is now my delight to introduce new paradigm understandings in human experience.