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GL to da J

GLJ's contact info (323)2204027
Updated: November 4, 2015 George Lovng Jackson

GLJ would like to thank the many cities, countries,& states around the world, for supporting this album. GL's original tracks on this album were all samples of oldie but goodie songs that I personally liked a lot. What's Reallyyyyyyy, If you've ever heard that while GL was on comedy stages, television, movies or through his music, then you know that he's inviting you into his world. GL to da J, derived from his given name George Loving Jackson. GL, was born an raised in Los Angeles, California to spend some of his childhood in the south,(Natchez, Mississippi) then finally resting back in Los Angeles. GL's an artist with a direct point of view in an charismatic type of way that's displayed in "They Love Me". On GL's album, you will notice he is a visionary, his angle is about obstacles, distractions and coming up in life, and never stopping when you get there. He is telling you to make it happen and shake them non-beleivers off very quickly so you can have the Last Laugh when you get to the top. Determined to succeed, GL, has overcame difficult times in his life that would make the average person break. Being shot several times by a jealous ex girlfriend 16 days before turning 21. Living in his car moving from house to house, friend to friend, But didn't let the gangbanging out situation out in LA distract him, because he had another agenda. GL, grew up in a lot of different neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and got a lot, and gave a lot of love everywhere he went. GL to da J, was the clown in the neighborhoods, but he could throw them thangs (Fight) at the same time, so he was well respected! GL, is proud to be from Los Angeles, even though he thinks people that was born and raised in Los Angeles get's a bad rap from other cities because of the smokin mirrors of the hollywood lifestyle. There is a difference GL say's and it's been a struggle/battle everyday. When people come to Los Angeles to live or to use the city, county, or state for it's fame and money it disturbs GL in a way. Hate LA (So why), is a track that GL to da J defends his city. The Los Angeles Dodgers say, This is our town. The Los Angeles Lakers represented that well 2009 & 2010. "Last Laugh" is Music Connection Magazines favorite. GL also adds humor on a track called "All that ol' The track let's people know to stop lying for no reason, people that lived your life know what's going on. It's one of his favorites and the streets love it. "Keep Doing Yo Thang" is GL's personal favorite, with real life events that took place in his life. I'm trying to win, is the majority's favorite, it has that southern twist. I feel this track will be the worlds favorite one day. "They Love Me" is a inter connection with the world and the people in it song. GL say's he knows everyone dosen't love him but if you listen to the track you will understand what he's really talking about. "Spotlight is my light" is more of an introduction song, but it has a deep effect. Lyrics,[I hit the scene like a nuclear bomb, and if you lived in the past you would have thought I was vietnam] "A new sound" for everyone in the world that has a answering service, voicemail etc. you will love this song. "I don't know why" should have been a huge hit for "The Best from the West" Compilation cd featuring Digital Underground, The Luniz, Rass Kass, GL to da J etc. but it's on this cd with a brand new 16 bars from GL. "Paper Chasers" dvd featuring Ludacris, Fat Joe, Damon Dash, etc. you can hear some of GL to da J's music on the extra bonus footage. GL's survival is characteristics of a strong man with no boundaries and no limits. GL is truly a quadruple talent & buisness man in the Entertainment Industry, you will find that out if you tap into some of his entertainment history @ (George Loving Jackson) you'll find out he is apart of the industry in all aspects. GL, had a guest starring role on UPN's Girlfriends (Channel 13) "E" Entertainment "Styles" did a 30 minute story on his carrer, GL, has been in numeras National commercials from Dodge to Miller lite and many more to come. There are six bonus songs that you didn't get the pleasure of hearing on the samples, but when you buy this album, you will be blown away.

GL, will soon be working on "They Love Me Too" Movie/Album, keep a look out for that. WWW.THEYLOVEMEMOVIE.COM 323-220-4027

George Loving Jackson, the CREATOR/PRODUCER/CASTING/ACTOR/COMEDIAN WRITER has a Music reality show and a Television Game Show that he wrote that he will deliever to the world one day.323-220-4027

Networks/Production Companies that are interested in George Lovin's Game Show and Music reality show, (323) 220-4027 George loving