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As I approach my fortieth year I reflect. The most important thing to me is the significant matter of what I have come to believe, and I can say that what I do believe is in many instances a result of what I don’t believe. But we shall come to that in a moment—what I don’t believe—so let’s start with what I do believe.

I believe in One God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth and Master of the Day of Judgment.

Why? Why do I believe in One God, a Father “Almighty”, who created the supernatural and the natural, and who shall one day judge the living and the dead? For me the answer is pain. The ability to feel pain, and the amounts of pain a human can feel intuit to me that action, therefore, bears responsibility. To not cause pain to anyone else, this is the responsibility of purveyors of motion and its consequences. This is nature’s way of suggesting to the human that there is more than just physics. There is a narrative behind physics and that narrative is about the way in which any force is used by those who have the power to use force—us. There (therefore) must be a judgment of our use of all force in our lifetime, and I do believe that all people will be judged when the story of our civilization is unraveled person by person (since we do have an eternity to set the record straight). But while I sometimes feel that no other place would do for certain types of criminals when they die, I do not believe that a loving Father displeased with his creation would torture that creation forever and ever in a burning furnace flowing with sulfur and lava. And a lot of people are coming round to that sort of understanding too. A more likely “negative judgment” would be the eventual destruction or death of the immortal soul, meaning absence of this soul from the presence of the Creator. Yes, I believe in One God, the Father Almighty, Creator of the heavens and the Earth, and Master of the Day of Judgment.

This puts me in the mainstream, for most people on the planet profess a belief in a supreme deity. I am by no means an atheist, but then I did not continue the recitation of my Creed by saying “…and I believe in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.” Why didn’t I say this? For implicitly questioning the divinity of Jesus Christ, one would not be surprised if I am thought to be a deist, perhaps of the Jeffersonian school. That school downplays the miracles of Christ and sees him, instead, as a great moral teacher akin to a light. Indeed the question remains of Jesus Christ, was he the Son of God, divine and as one with God the Father and God the Holy Ghost? Is there a Godhead comprising of a Trinity?

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