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Galahad formed in 1985 just for fun playing half covers (Genesis, Zeppelin, Rush, Sabbath, Focus, Marillion etc) and half original material. Galahad then supported a few fairly well known 'Progressive' bands that were coming up at the time including IQ, Pendragon, Haze and later Pallas and Magnum.

Then, after mixing it with the slightly 'bigger boys' Galahad decided take it's music a little more seriously, and began to play only original material resulting in the release of their first proper album on CD in 1991, 'Nothing Is Written', which was purely self financed and released independently but which went on to sell several thousand copies.

The success of 'Nothing Is Written' was also helped by the fact that the band received substantial air play on BBC Radio One, especially on the Radio One Rock Show hosted by the late, great Tommy Vance. The band then landed themselves a deal with Voiceprint Records in the UK, Pony Canyon International in Japan and Blue Stone in Germany.

The band has now released fifteen albums including albums by main band offshoots such as Galahad Electric Company and the Galahad Acoustic Quintet. The band have played hundreds of gigs in the UK, Europe and America over the last few years, at times in some very unusual venues!

In 2002 Galahad released 'Year Zero' which featured John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson, Family etc) on guest vocals.

In September 2006 Galahad released their debut DVD 'Resonance' , which was recorded live in Katowice, Poland in May 2006.

In 2007 the band released 'Empires Never Last' , which features Karl Groom (Threshold) on engineering duties, and took the band in a heavier, more muscular, guitar orientated direction. This more contemporary, metallic approach seems to have worked as ‘Empires’ has proved to be the band’s most successful album to date, both commercially and critically, and has resulted in them winning album of the year at the 2007 Classic Rock Society awards. ‘Empires’ was also included in many music web sites top tens for 2007.

In 2009 the band released a double live CD ‘Sleepless in Phoenixville – Rosfest Live 2007’ which was recorded in Philadelphia at the Rites of Spring Festival in May 2007.

2012 saw a very busy band re-merge with not one but TWO new studio albums; ‘Battle Scars’ released in April and ‘Beyond the Realms of Euphoria’ in October, both released on CD and vinyl LP format, the first time in their history that the band had released an album on vinyl! A live CD/DVD ‘Whitchurch 92/93 – Live Archives Vol.2’, was also released as was the 10th anniversary re-issue of their 2002 album ‘Year Zero’ containing an additional CD of live versions of songs from Year Zero.

2013 saw the band publish their official biography ‘One for the Record’ accompanied by a DVD anthology containing rare footage of various performances over the years, some dating back to 1986! The band also played a few very successful European dates as well as the renowned Baja Prog Festival in Mexico.

2014 Saw the band release three EP’s 'Seize the Day', 'Guardian Angel' and 'Mein Herz Brennt' the first two containing acoustic versions of several songs from ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Battle Scars’ as well as re-workings of older songs and finally an EP containing four versions of the classic Rammstein track 'Mein Herz Brennt', all whilst writing material for their next studio album.

The Spring of 2015 saw the band release a completely re-mixed and re-mastered version of their 2007 album 'Empires Never Last' which also included new extra acoustic versions of 'This Life Could Be My Last' and 'Termination'. As well as 'Empires' a companion album (download only) was also released, 'Empires: A Curious Companion' contains demo tracks and ideas from the original writing sessions for 'Empires' some of which ended up in finished form on 'Empires' and some of which didn't!

The Autumn of 2015 sees the band release a new double live album/DVD 'Solidarity - Live in Konin' which was recorded in October 2013 as part of their 'Battle Scars/Euphoria' tour. The band also released a 20th anniversary expanded and re-mastered version of their 1995 'Sleepers' album which contains two extra tracks which did not appear on the original European release.

The Winter of 2015 also sees the release of a 30th anniversary retrospective double album 'When Worlds Collide' which also includes ten brand new re-recordings of older Galahad songs including one, 'City of Freedom', which dates back to 1985 and has been recorded for the first time.


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