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Galaxy Hunter

Galaxy Hunter - his real name is Zbigniew Danielewicz - a composer and lyrics writer, a self-taught musician who has already recorded his first album named "Lane Of My life". In 2006 Zibi met Marek Kolodynski - On a request received from Marek Kolodynski, a remix of Bad Boys Blue’s song was created and it was "For Your Love" song, which will probably be published soon together with the other songs from 80's. Afterwards, thank to a cooperation done by Zibi and Monika, a remix of Starfighter (Space Project band) was recorded. The album with this remix called "Beyond Imagination" was published in 2006 in England ( Then, on a special request the first space song came to life and its name was "Children Of Planet Earth". It's quite a new style for Zbigniew - meaning Space Music or Spacesynth, Synthesizer Dance.

Galaxy Hunter - it's a nickname figured out for the particular music genre. Marek chose Galaxy Hunter’s name out of several nicknames proposed by Zibi. The nick sounds a little bit aggressive and has got a character that fits to the genre. The Galaxy Hunter's music it's not only an typical Space Sound. It's much more meaning a plenty of interesting stories presented in a form of lyrics on which Zibi puts some significant weight. A diversity of subjects cannot be found on any of records from Space music. Nobody has done it that way before. It was a main objective of Galaxy Hunter to create something new basing on sounds and style from unforgettable 80's. The reference point for all these songs is Space but you can hear lots of elements either from Italo Disco, Euro disco or in other words from such performers like D. Bohlen, M. Cretu, or even Tess (Fancy). Some classic motives are mixed with up-to-date sounds, songs are much more dynamic and each synthesizer solo makes just sense.

Working on the first album lasted only about three months. It is necessary to mention that a remix of "We Came From Space" will be published by Iventi Records with Marcello and Feratho’s cooperation ( On the very 12" maxi-single there will be also a remix of "We Came From Space" done by Dutchmen and Italians. Not to mention a remix of "Black Celebration" which will be also a part of the compilation.

Man can say that "We Came From Space" by Galaxy Hunter it is the first Italo disco song created by Poles. But this is only a beginning of a cooperation between Galaxy Hunter and Space Sounds Records. Besides the "Black Celebration" remix there will be another remix presented but this time it will be "Behind The Wheel" song (hit-song by Depeche Mode). The two remixes that sound really great will be published on Synthesizer Tribute to Depeche Mode on which there will be a variety of Space music stars. It will be on the market soon.

We would like to thank all the people supporting Galaxy Hunter including a radio-station, guys who put some effort to make review of the material and who proposed constructive corrections of the sound. Special thanks to Marek Kolodynski who let it all happen. The same appreciation is for Monika Novak who gave us such divine voice in all Galaxy Hunter's songs.