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From the culturally rich island of Bali in Indonesia, comes a tradition of beautifully intricate music and
evocative dance that has been attracting international attention for over a century. Gamelan Gita
Asmara (translated as “Gamelan of the Song of Love”) is a Vancouver-based ensemble of approximately
30 musicians, including dancers, that perform traditional and contemporary Balinese music on a
spectacular and authentic gamelan made up of bronze metallophones, gongs, cymbals, drums, and
bamboo flutes.

Gita Asmara, founded by ethnomusicologist and composer Michael Tenzer, is made up of local
performers dedicated to the arts of Bali. It is host to Balinese guest artists I Wayan Sudirana (musical
director) and Ni Putu Widiantini (dance director). The group does not use written notation, but rather
prepares the complex music in the traditional manner of memorization and intensive rehearsal over many


I Wayan Sudirana was born in Ubud, Bali in 1980. He is a graduate of the ISI Balinese Arts Institute and
a member of the Gamelan Çudamani Collective. He is one of Bali’s most gifted young musicians, has
composed and taught actively all over the island, and toured abroad frequently. He has been co-director
of Gita Asmara since 2004.

Ni Putu Widiantini was born in Nusa Penida, Bali, and graduated from ISI Balinese Arts Institute. She is
widely known for her dynamic portrayals of Balinese female dances, and has been performing and
teaching in Vancouver since 2005.

Michael Tenzer is a composer, author, performer and teacher. Professor of music at UBC, he has
authored two books on gamelan. His compositions have been commissioned and performed worldwide
by ensembles ranging from the American Composers Orchestra to Gamelan Çudamani in Bali, Indonesia. -