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Gator – Artist Biography

Just who is Gator??? Gator is a Hip-Hop/R&B music artist hailing from Northern New York. Born, Paul Kirkland Legister, Gator was born in Bronx, New York where he lived until age 5. It was then his parents, Earl and Paulette Legister, relocated from the downtown streets of New York to the North Upstate New York area in pursuit of a less hectic and congestive lifestyle. Gator, son of an NYPD Investigator and a Healthcare taker, grew up in a family of 5 where life as a young boy was troublesome. Constantly lashing out early on in school and kicked out at only 1st grade, Earl and Paulette needed to break their son out of his bad behavioral habits and had to put him into a new education program. It seemed to work as a youthful Gator displayed talents early on in writing and expressing his feelings in stories by the 2nd grade. From there, the rest was history. Gator went on to become known for his poetry writing talents throughout his middle school and high school years. He spent much of his free time writing stories about himself and his friends as sort of a diary. It helped Gator to cope with what seemed to be a will to fight. In high school, Gator tried his hand at wrestling, played soccer, and basketball. He loved wrestling the most as contact sports embraced his inner fight for something greater in his life. The town on Beacon aka “Tree City”, was known as an old New York art seen town where much of the business focused on fancy art, family owned establishments, and downtown influences of hustlers trying to make a living. Having to work at age 15 due to not having what he wanted to have, Gator worked early on at places such as Mc.Donalds and answering calls at his father’s Investigative headquarters. Much of this took away from his drive into sports, but then came something more fulfilling, music. One of Gator’s best friends had a home studio where three times a week a bunch of school mates would go to freestyle rap versus and sing over various well known instrumentals of big known artists in the music business. After a friend heard Gator sing in the locker room during a basketball practice, he asked Gator to come and join in on the freestyle sessions they would have. Gator accepted and in the first time showed plenty of potential to rhyme about various things that went on in school and displayed a great voice for singing. He loved to rap,sing and then started to write lyrics instead of the poetry he was known for writing in class that received him A’s. Music became a gateway to another world for Gator. His connection grew as he honed his skills listening to various music artists such as, Biggie Smalls, TuPac, P.Diddy, Mase, The Lox, Jodecy, TLC, SWV, The Beastie Boys, and current artists like, Fabolous, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Jay.Z, Nas, Will.I.AM., The Neptunes, Missy Elliot, and more. It was then, at age 17, Gator knew he wanted to pursue music as something he could do professionally. But, the road to success would not be easy at the least. Gator realized that the music industry was one of the largest in the world. So many artists wanting to be heard and on major labels that Gator became somewhat annoyed at the constant promises of wannabe managers and fickleness of associated major label reps and surrounding artists alike. He left his dreams of music behind to attend college taking up Political Science and International Relations. It seemed every time he tried to forget about music as a career move, friends and people he would meet would hear Gator sing and instantly notice his marketable looks and potential to be something great in music as an artist. It was that same support and motivation to create new music from his life that Gator broke away from College and began writing music and recording once again, but with a stronger motivation and will to create the best music around.