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Change - Single, Geologist, Jeanius & Sticks, March 8, 2011. Change - Alt Version - Single, Geologist, Jeanius & Sticks, April 12, 2011. Change - Alt Version - Single, Geologist, Jeanius & Sticks, April 12, 2011. Change - Single, Geologist, Jeanius & Sticks, March 8, 2011.

Geologist, Jeanius & Sticks



Is it possible to be in two places at the same time, to be two people? One is trapped in time, an alleged villain among his friends. The other was a boy who became a man, supposedly so invincible that his brother never saw him bleed until grade 9 and believed him to be a super-hero from a comic book, a hero among his enemies. Can one inhabit both psychological and physical personalities simultaneously at the same time? To verify the unknown laws of physics, can the past, present and future be threaded together differently, altering each time-line? Do we have free will or is fate the master of what happens to us? Is it possible to predict the interaction of every macroscopic and microscopic physical form of matter in the universe? Is there such a thing as coincidence, such a thing as luck? If that is the case, then I am the Luck Lord, for manipulation of time is both my gift and my debt, my good fortune and my curse, my knowledge and my ignorance, my faith and my doubt. Time is relative, a finger on a flame being too long, the love of a woman being too short. For me, I find neither a beginning of time, nor an end. For everyone and everything else, time is linear until animate and inanimate objects change form, altering energy. Do I care what happens to those animate and inanimate objects? Yes, an infinite number of life-times yes! Why? That is the question I ask myself as my knowledge of the manipulation of time increases exponentially with my ignorance of the consequences from my manipulation of time. In this regard, I have learned that when manipulating time, it is better to be lucky than skilled, particularly when what initially appears to be a failure inadvertently becomes an unequivocal success beyond my wildest imagination. Anything is possible. When mistakes occur, there is nothing that cannot be undone but it takes time. What you consider reality, may in fact be nothing more than a time-line set in motion by me. Let me introduce myself: I am the Luck Lord. I am more than mundus vult decipi decipimur. I am more than a mere magician. I alter reality. Everybody knows me. Nobody knows me.

Were you supposed to fall in love with the one who stole your heart? Were you supposed to be born to the parents who raised you? Was your life supposed to take the turns that it did? Were politics, arts, science, knowledge and technology successful in bringing about a better quality of life? Did doing the right thing always bring about the expected consequence? Did chance occurrences change everything that was supposed to have been. One never knows the way things might turn out, until the things the might, come about. Did nature behave as it was expected to behave? Did the weather, the planets, mini-planets, asteroids and their moons, the stars and comets, solar systems, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and filaments, dark energy, dark matter all act in predictable ways that did not surprise you? Have you experienced deja vu? Ever had the feeling that you have done something before or known someone before you had met them? Have you experienced the history of decades, centuries or millennia before you were born? Have you ever read a book that could have been written by you or painted a picture of a place before you visited the exact scene in subsequent years? So now you understand how you do know me and yet you remain unsure. Every time you think you have discovered me, I cut the thread and splice the time-line, changing what was, what is and what will be. Yet every story has a plot developed with characters in a particular setting of space and time. Welcome to mine. I am fame and infamy, love and hate, peace and war, ordinary and extraordinary. I am the Luck Lord. Time is my friend and my enemy, for it derives benefits from failures and detriments from successes. We are all identified by our mistakes and I have made plenty. But it’s far better to be fictitious than non-fictitious, human than inhuman, ethical than unethical, wrong than not try, imperfect than not publish flawed artistic works at all.


Geologist is Randy Williams
Jeanius is Richard Slamka
Sticks is Johnny Leonardis