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Ghost Of War

The idea of "GHOST OF WAR" started in the fall of 2008,
when 2 friends (Thane Farace & Ron Peterson) both 20+ yr. veterans of the mid-atlantic music scene.
Had decided that they wanted to join forces and create something so original and so new to the scene
that it would literally blow everyone away. They just wanted to be able to get together, play music
for fun, and see what would become of it. But being that they were busy with their own current bands
at the time, the two had decided that it would be more practical and quicker to start a DIO TRIBUTE BAND.
Thus "HOLY HELL" was born, a tribute to the music of Ronnie James Dio.
Within 3 months of the first show the band was headlining some of the biggest music venues in the mid-atlantic
region. Unfortunately, not long after the inception of Holy Hell, the king Ronnie James Dio
had succumb to stomach cancer and had passed away. This really hit both Thane & Ronnie hard, and out of respect for RJD,
they had decided not to continue with HOLY HELL and move forward, becoming "GHOST OF WAR". Perhaps this was a divine
sign from the man on the silver mountain himself.
Since February of 2010 they had worked non stop to create one of a kind original music,
original music that they always wanted to hear and perform. At first they couldn't find
the proper band members to fulfill that task, that is until good friend
and drummer Jim Mathis joined forces, and on bass guitar Gary Daniels (former band mate of Ronnie's)
both had finally filled that void. For the first time GHOST OF WAR had become the monster that they had dreamed of !!!
GHOST OF WAR is currently in full motion and in the midst of recording their debut cd,
"ONLY DEATH IS REAL" with an early 2012 release date, their debut cd will contain all original
music written over the last year and a half that has been described as "old school,
progressive, traditional, euro, thrash, metal/rock n roll"... in every GHOST OF WAR
song you can hear the musical influences of everything from Iron Maiden, Anthrax,
to Van Halen, Exodus, to Triumph, Overkill and Testament.
However, not liking to be pigeon holed as any one thing or categorized in one genre of music,
GHOST OF WAR plays everything from speedy fast thrashing, bolt throwing riffs, to melodic, dare i say
"ballad style" epic rock anthems that you can actually sing too. GHOST OF WAR has
been received with such positivity everywhere they go from the clubs they play at, to the audiences that they play for.
GHOST OF WAR feel's it is their duty to soldier on, and do what it is that they do, and that's play
Rock N Roll. Their battle cry is "No Compromise...All Or Nothing".
The guys in GHOST OF WAR can't think of any better way to live out their dreams,
other than playing their music for the people !
From the guys themselves ..
"We are 4 friends, joined together, playing music for our friends,