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Glen Trujillo

We just finished III, the 3rd Album from Glen Trujillo and Rich Wenzel, and tracking new songs for the next album. A collective from a deep pool of talent. It's been a wonderful experience working with these guys. I'm very proud of our work. I can only ask that you listen with an opened mind, or better yet, may listening be the vehicle to your opened mind.
I've been writing songs for awhile, Born and raised in Garden City Michigan, I moved to So. California in 1984 with the intent of being a recording artist. Dreams and goals are a funny thing, they can devastate you if you abandon them, and then they can elevate you to spectacular heights when they become realized. That's what's happening to me.

Back in 1987, I met Rich Wenzel and recorded a demo of two songs of mine. One was Love and Life and the other was Harry's Dream. And for the first time I was able to have someone take these song and expand them, giving them an atmosphere that was well beyond my abilities. After listening to the demo, I went back to Rich and had him choose other songs that would become the line up for the album that I titled "Harry, The Story of a Wayard Stranger". Simple as that. it took nine months, we mixed it and I sent out for duplication to be made into......cassettes, I never had a CD quality of this recording, albeit, the master was a digital vhs that I sent to Diskmakers, and like instructed, they made me the cassettes I requested, that I ordered.
So years later when getting into the music industry was becoming less and less of a reality for me, my album slowly faded into my past. And in a dark corner of a shelf deep within a closet, this recording became a relic of outdated technology. The master is basically unsalvageable. I've had to live with the decisions of my past. As one gets older, thoughts fester and regrets and remorse eats away at who we are. For the last few years I've been eaten up with these feeling about this recording that even now I could not play on cassette format. I couldn't live with it any longer. The only way to live with it is by starting fresh. I tracked Rich down and discussed the options regarding the old tapes. Our only option was to play a cassette copy onto the ProTools board and punch it up. And that's what we did.
There are glitches and dropouts, but it's alive again and it is mine and I love it. I was and always will be very proud for our work on that album, and I'll defend it to the day I die.
So now it's behind me and I can move on.
Rich and I are currently recording as many of my songs as we can put out. My life goal is to have my songs on albums that I can play and be proud of.
No more trying to be famous, no more record industry, I'm doing it for me.
"Songs From The Second Sessions" was released November 01, 2013. Check it out. It's a nice blend of styles. 12 songs approximately 55 min. In length.
We also released "This Christmas (Sing For Christmas)" for the 2013 Holiday season for digital download. That was a nice project. We got the help of Jan Bunker to round up some kids to sing the end chorus. It is a great Christmas song.
None of this would be possible without Rich Wenzel. From the bottom of my heart, Rich, saying Thank You can never be enough.
Glen Trujillo