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Glenn Fukunaga

Glenn Fukunaga is Austin’s premier bass player, having first picked up the instrument as a teen in Hawaii. He recalls, "I learned the ukulele at age 11. Went on to play the guitar, piano, drums and bass at age 13 followed by the alto sax in jr. high. We all took our guitars and little amps to jam during recess and didn’t have a bass player. So, I said one day, “I’ll play bass for a year”. That “year” turned into 40+years on the bass so far. Can’t be involved with music for this long unless you’re still having fun, right?"

In those more than four decades, Glenn has recorded with dozens upon dozens of artists and bands as well as performing countless gigs and in tours that took him worldwide. Still, his favorite place is the studio, and staying close to home in Austin, Texas allows him to do all the sessions he can. After years of recording for big name artists as well as those you’ll probably never hear of, his instrumental EP, Not A Word, was Glenn's chance to take the artistic reins, throw traditional music rules out the window and experiment freely with sonic conversation.

Looking ahead, Glenn is inspired to produce sessions in many of the great Austin area studios he is connected to, working with all the great musicians he knows from recording. Some of those studios include: Bismeaux, Blue Rock Ranch, Cedar Creek, Congress House, Flashpoint, Moonhouse, Ace Recording, Razor’s Edge, Murray Music, Red Boot Studio, Yellow Dog Studio and Rubicon Recording Studio. The musicians make up a list too long to mention and include all styles of music.

Glenn currently plays with Earl Poole Ball and the Cosmic Americans, Robert Plant and Crown Vic, Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox, A is Red, Rockabilly Bluze and Garland Jeffereys amongst others.