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Gott Mit Uns

Gott Mit Uns is both a book and a play written by Dan McLaughlin. They provide a warm and comical look at people who pray in this, a thought-provoking comedy that explores the power of prayer and bureaucracy.

McLaughlin introduces readers to two InterDeitific Conflict Resolution Agents (IDCRAs), who work deep in the depths of the United Deities Directorate (UDD, a bureaucracy somewhat modeled on the League of Nations) who spend their days processing requests for personal blessings and curses. But when the resolution agents mix up requests, a Deity No Longer Prayed To on a Regular Basis (DNLPTRB) is summoned to the world to resolve a grade dispute in a religious studies class. To complicate this processing error even further, the ignored goddess comes to Earth in the form of an eight-and-a-half-foot penguin.

Armed with their new Vocal Oversight with Continuously Explained Rules for Action (VOCERA) device, the two agents venture forth to bring back the oversized, flightless bird. They track her through modern academia and modern Hollywood, where she proves to be remarkably effective as both an entertainer at children's parties and as a consultant on sword and sorcery movies. Throughout their travels, the agents and goddess pass through other adventures, including a modern high school, a pie-baking competition and an airplane crash.

“In a world where religion is seen as a ‘wedge’ issue, this work finds humor and room for thought for people of all persuasions,” McLaughlin said.
McLaughlin’s inspiration comes from his questioning of what happens when people of different religious faiths pray for varying results to the same event – and why people even bother to pray. In “Gott Mit Uns,” the author reflects on a problematic world where powerful bureaucracy exists between different gods.

“Gott Mit Uns” the book is available for sale online at and other channels. The play is currently in production in Southern California.