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I am a native of Detroit Michigan, and I now reside in Grand Rapids Michigan which is now the birth place of my new label (Greenleaf Records). Born and raised in Detroit Michigan and the oldest of 6 siblings, I have had a little background experience with the Detroit underground scene in the early and late 90,s. A drop out from the Detroit public school system, I then turned to the life of crime at a young age which landed me in prison twice. After being locked up and no education or skills, I leaned toward what I loved the best which was my love for music. I started in the basement of a friend of mine kevin gray aka (Dj Kevo) and we would make music in the basement of his grandmothers house and we would create many nice tunes which was never released. After that I would be in a eastside of Detroit unemployment office writing rhymes which I did often, a guy would ask me if I was writing rhymes and I said yeah". After that he would introduce me to Randy Aubrey of (Tech Star Records) and we would go on to produce a local hit called (B---h I aint the one). It being a bad deal, I wanted out of the deal so I signed my way out and also my royality rights also by mistake. The group broke up, (One nation) and my name was (Scoupe) at the time so I carried on and love the experience of being in the studio and performing but not the buisness side of it. My next contact would be with Sam Anderson of (Steppin Forward Records), we would then produce a joint called (Ghetto booty) and the group name was (Deforce). It also became a local hit and suddenly we would part after the album was done and I would then meet another friend by the name of Byron Williams (Former bodyguard of the rapper Eminiem). The group he would form was called (The motorcity Wad Squad) which it consisted lots of members. One of the beginning members was the daughter of the television (The Scene) dance show, Nat Morris. She would part from the group first and we began to make songs and put albums together which didn't do much but the experience would be more valuable to me. I guess there was bad blood between Eminiem and byron because after doing some shows and doing a concert opening for Eminiem, that would be the end of the wad squad and the dreams of being signed with Dr. Dre record label. But Byron Williams has a book out about the experience with Eminiem called (Shady Bizness) life of the former bodyguard of Eminiem, you can get it on But since the concert with Eminiem in 1999 at the Royal Oak Theater, I have had a change of heart, mind, and spirit. I gave my life to the Lord and now I want to help the youth who see the world the way I did in Detroit and do my duty as a Christian and save the kids of the street and world. Starting with nothing but what GOD has blessed me with, I am on a mission to change not only the Christian music game but the youth that listen to music has negitive influneces and images. With God and the help of my fans I can not only make a change but be a force to be noticed.....GOD Bless you and yours.....:>)