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Greta's Bakery

Greta's Bakery New Album:Under Control.

Greta's Bakery is a container of music art and love…
A group of people that makes a team, where a simple song becomes a stage where to express yourself.


Greta's Bakery debut album ’The Edge of Everything’ has been released in 2010 by Decca/ Universal (US only).
After a European tour, as Joe Jackson's opening act and the success at Umbria Jazz Winter 2011, the band moved back to Italy.
'In the journey we started in 2010 to complete this record, we met great musicians, photographers, directors, stylists, jewelry makers, precious eccentric friends all available to give their talent to the Bakery for free, just because they believed in our music '
That's why we decided to keep the Project Independent, free of any marketing obligations free of any label restriction free to be enjoyed by anybody anywhere.

'Under Control' is an album full of different influences and vibes. Coming from jazz singer Greta Panettieri and pianist Andrea Sammartino have written every song with the idea of making an interesting but suitable for all kind of record.
All songs have very strong personalities also because of the wide arrangements and the use of some vintage sounds making it all fascinating and rich. Song to song the listener is taken more and more in the music where singer Greta Panettieri reveals a wide range vocally and stylistically.
Worth of notice a very poetic version of Michael Jackson's song 'I just can't stop loving you'.
The new album Under Control is rich with collaboration, famous arranger Larry Williams (Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Al Jarreau and many others) participated as a supervisor of the whole album ad as a special guest on the track 'My Angel' bringing the entire project to an international level.
We also notice the presence of Curtis King Jr, (Curtis worked with MJ, Madonna , Bruce Spreengsteen, Duran Duran and many others) special guest on the song 'Lover'.
Produced by Andrea Sammartino this second album sees him playing all keys ,Greta Panettieri on vocals, Daniele Mencarelli on Bass, Stefano Tamborrino, Armando Sciommeri, J.J.Telly on drums, Piero Masciarelli, Marco Acquarelli, Nicola Costa on guitar, Neney Santos on percussions, Paolo Innarella on flute, Giorgio Granieri on trumpet and flughorn, Michele Tremamunno, Andrea Rellini, Joele e Lara Micelli strings, Fabio Capone on bass on the song Under Control.