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Guda Mollo

Guda Mollo is a pianist and soundtracks composer. The composer Guda Mollo redraws the confinements of a new Contemporary Instrumental Music. Piano Confessions is his first album, recorded at 2010, composed and performed in piano solo by Guda Mollo. Also on sale are the albums of 2011 Equilibrium and Almost Two o'clock of 2012. His music language sinks the roots in the European musical tradition, opening it to a structural mixture of the sonorities of our days. Through his music, he offers a new music, extemporaneous and emotional vision of the contemporary world. Through the use of various sounds of color, of timbre, dynamics and environments, from one composition to another the piano becomes a sort of multivoce soul with which to tell you emotions experienced. Guda Mollo is a pianist and composer of instrumental music Nu-Age and from his musical notes he draws atmosphere reflexive, cathartic, which regenerate the soul freeing from the worries of time and daily life, at times when the listener captures the nuances. Guda Mollo through the use of the piano, with special arrangement of the microphones, additions of resonators, vibrating elements added to the mechanics of the piano, equalizers and various shooting environments to process the sound is able to obtain an alchemy of sound nuances and rhythmic; elements resonant, infinitesimal, sweet, rounded. Sound elements that caress your breath while you listen to the melodies, as if it were a real human voice, with all its details. All these sound elements are developed on dynamic excursion made of countless dimensions of listening, as if it were a continuous mutation of a chrysalis which is transformed into a butterfly to stand out then the flight. And the sense of freedom and the feeling of serenity is what lets in to feel everyone after listening to his compositions. In his music there are also many contaminations of the European classical tradition and jazz, minimal music and atmospheres melodic and harmonic of the New Age that Guda Mollo reinvents in a very personal way.