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Gums came blasting into the Portland underground hip-hop scene as a young talented emcee in a three man group known as Earthbound. Since then he’s shaped his talent and quickly gained huge popularity from Portland to San Diego and from Boise to Miami and beyond. With an upbeat big party feel and a sometimes bluesy piano and background horns, his unique style radiates a garage-underground hip-hop sound that makes the listener want to reverse track and feel it again. He invites his audience into a world where hip-hop knows no boundaries. You'll find yourself transported to a field full of magic mushrooms and then back over to “chillin in the back” at a hip-hop show with all the elements wrapped around it. It’s no surprise his audience has gained exponentially since his first EP titled “4 the People” (Currently not released).
His first single “Gums to the Front” immediately created a local frenzy and people demanded more. Working with other popular local favorites, Gums kept it real with several more albums, one after another, each showing dramatic advancement in his skill. Gums unique musical feel, high energy stage shows and incredible work ethic has resulted in hundreds of live shows.
The industry is starting to take notice. Upon hearing his “Nothing But Trees” album, management at The Knitting Factory, decided to bill Gums as opening act for B-Real (formerly of Cypress Hill) and Bizzy-Bone, of Bone Thugs and Harmony "Unite the Mic Tour". And recently his demo CD was recognized by a top radio station in Portland. That resulted in earning a top three position of hundreds of submissions for a Snoop Dogg opening. The final stage of this submission was public vote which transformed into an incredible launch for the new album “The Big Squeeze”
You can always compare one emcee to another but the moment you think you’ve figured out Gums, he does a 180 degree tail flip. And while keeping a distinct style, he reinvents himself to produce another popular sound.
A majority of his past work has been self produced, but the album “Nothing but Trees” was wholly produced by Oregon artist LVD. Coming at you clean cut and smelling fresh, “Nothing but Trees” is destined to be one of hip-hops great game changers.
The latest album “The Big Squeeze”, produced entirely by and co-written by Peter Trees, just back from S.A.E. Institute in Amsterdam, has a sound that is geared to be a ‘top of the list’ club/party album that strongly evokes dance and replay. His unique sound is what people are calling for and the reason Gums stays in the rotation mix. It’s no surprise people say “Look out, here comes Gums!” when he comes on stage. He’s hip-hops next real emcee and it looks like he’s here to stay!