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Haggis and Bong

Founded in 2007, bagpipe driven celtic metal act, Haggis and Bong has established themselves as one of the most enjoyed and exciting new acts in the South African music world. The band strive do do something new and fresh and are always extremely entertaining live. Haggis and Bong have made their mark on the South African music industry and have been featured in respected shows and festivals such as OppiKoppi, Splashy Fen, Aardklop and most of South Africa' biggest festivals. The band has grown from a two man experimental act to the current six piece musical extravaganza they now present.

In 2008, the band released their first album, Fire in the Bowl, with great success and support. The bands new full length album 'Of Myth And Legend' will be available 21-02-2010.

Of Myth and Legend – 2012
Presenting Haggis and Bong’s long awaited and ground-breaking album, Of Myth and Legend.
This album introduces new faces and new sounds, adding more depth and feeling to the music. The line-up that appeared on the band’s debut album (Fire in the Bowl), namely, Angus Nixon (Pipes), Thomas Hughes (Drums) and Dominic Skelton (Pipes), are now joined by Xavier Knox (Bass), Liam O’Flaherty (Pipes) and Dave Callaghan (Guitar), completing the bands permanent touring line-up.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the sound being the guitar, filling the gap that was missing in the band’s sound previously and allowing the pipes to come forward and drive the band even further.

The album also presents cameo appearances from William Bishop (Trombone) and Martin Eccles (Cello), adding an extra flavour to specific parts of the music.
The album artwork is done by England’s Dan Mumford, who has also done, among many others, artwork for The Black Dahlia Murder and Protest the Hero.

Of Myth and Legend is a statement, an affirmation of the glory of the sound of the pipes. The energy of this group of individuals is evident in the music and the live performance will, without fail, prove to be a truly unforgettable experience!!

Track Listing:
1. Eiridh tonn air uisge balbh (A wave will rise on quiet water)
2. Revelation of the Gods
3. In the Ranks of the Morrigan's Army
4. Sheleilagh
5. Blood Loch
6. Where Cloud and Mountain meet
7. Flying the Banner
8. Confronting the Shadow
9. Isle of Irie
10. The Immortal
11. The Celtic Force

Touring Details
With such a powerful album, a boosted, charged-up and rearing to go line-up of Celtic Warrior Musicians and a take-no-prisoners type of mentality; Haggis and Bong are ready to take the world by storm.
The band will cover South Africa over the space of wee bit more than a month, not leaving any stone unturned. From KwaZulu Natal to the Transkei, from Cape Town to Middelburg, the sound will spread like a Celtic Wildfire!!
Haggis and Bong has always been considered a brilliant live band and had received some criticism that the debut album didn’t represent the intense energy that the live performance breeds. This is definitely not the case with the new recording and with the boost to the line-up and the increased energy in the music, as well as the good few years of stage experience that this group now has, the shows will never fail to be an electric affair.
The experience and funding that the band will build up from this tour will be used to steer the band Internationally later in the year. The time has come to take this unique sound to every corner of the globe and over the next few years this is Haggis and Bong's sole mission.

Contact Details
General Manager – Angus Nixon
082 976 0687
Haggis and Bong